My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 386

Chapter 386: Inheritance

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“Big Boss, this matter completely disgusted me. You know what, Nangong Well, your biological mother, and my aunt, knew that she wouldn’t be alive for long, but she didn’t trust Zhong Kuijun and Jiang Shuwan, and feared that you’d suffer under their care. Hence, she found the investment department of the Swiss Bank and contacted a very reliable team of lawyers to supervise Zhong Kuijun.

“Zhong Kuijun can use the money she left behind to make investments and start a company. Her ultimate goal is to have you live a prosperous life, so all his profits belong to you. If he unfortunately loses 60% of the total amount, this team of lawyers can immediately freeze all of Zhong Kuijun’s funds. ”

“Isn’t she afraid of Zhong Kuijun transferring her property?” Zhong Nuannuan asked, raising her eyebrows.

“That won’t happen.” After saying that, Selina took out the contract between Nangong Yu and the team of lawyers from her bag.

Not only did the contract state that all of Zhong Kuijun’s funds would be frozen if there was a loss of more than 60%.

It even stated that once Zhong Kuijun and any senior management of the company were found to be suspected of embezzling funds, a verbal warning would be given the first time, 50% of total property would be frozen as a serious warning the second time, and for the third time, members of the lawyer team would confiscate all property under Zhong Kuijun’s name.

The contract also stated that no matter what her daughter’s name was, the team of lawyers must take a little blood from her on her birthday every year for DNA testing with reference to Nangongyu’s own blood in the blood bank. This was to prevent the child from being swapped halfway through.

Therefore, it did not matter what the child is called, what was important was that the child must have the same DNA as Nangong Yu.

The contract also raised some questions to be asked while taking blood samples. These questions were different every year, but the purpose was also to try to learn how happy the young Nuannuan was in the Zhong Family.

For example, the last time the real Zhong Nuannuan was questioned was on her third birthday.

The test questions were not like “How are you doing”, or “Does your father and mother love you, do they treat you well”, but”What color do you like?””Then how many clothes of this color do you have at home?””Who is your good friend?””What is the name of the kid who bullies you the most in kindergarten?””Did your father help you teach this naughty kid a lesson?” etc.

Selina said, “Zhong Kuijun actually had the idea of taking these funds as his own from the very beginning, so he planned for a long time, and after several operations, he used external means to embezzle the company’s funds. The result was that just after the funds were embezzled, those embezzled funds were completely frozen. The team of lawyers also gave a warning to Zhong Kuijun. From then on, Zhong Kuijun no longer dared to have think of anything funny. Thus, he and Jiang Shuwan could only treat you well.

“Therefore, Aiden and I guessed that the reason why Jiang Shuwan did not abandon you before you were three years old and treated you as well as Zhong Kuijun was because auntie’s lawyer team needed to take blood from a living body for DNA check every year. They needed the inheritance left behind by auntie, so they would naturally treat you well and worship you like a bodhisattva. This led you to still think about your happy family even after being trafficked into the organization.

“However, after Zhong Qianqian got leukemia, the incident became a blessing in disguise, and she ended up having the same blood DNA as you. With Jiang Shuwan’s cruel personality, why would she bother to still accommodate you? ”