My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 387

Chapter 387: Worried Heart

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“Hence, you immediately became a stumbling block, and were sold to human traffickers.

“After you disappeared, Zhong Kuijun called the police to search for you, and he looked for you throughout the year after the incident. We can deduce from this that although he wanted to embezzle Auntie’s inheritance, he did not participate in your abduction.

“It’s a pity that there were very few security cameras in the year 1995, even after I hacked everything, I couldn’t find evidence of Jiang Shuwan’s dealings with the human traffickers. However, according to your description of the human trafficker, I’ve identified a few people who matched the description and appeared in the surveillance of People’s Park. I’ve already sent people to watch them, and will tell you immediately if something happens.”

Zhong Nuannuan nodded. “What about my mother? Have you found out the cause of her death?”

“I was only able to find out that Auntie previously gave birth at Second People’s Hospital in Jiang District. In every checkup before the delivery, all of Auntie’s physical indicators were good, but on the day of delivery, a young nurse mistakenly took a medicine that promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis instead of a nutrient solution.

“This caused Auntie to bleed heavily during childbirth, and two lives were almost lost in one corpse. Later, although the doctor discovered this in time, changed the liquid, and kept both mother and child safe through a timely Caesarean section, this disaster caused Auntie’s health to become very poor.

“Thus, we immediately dug up news about the nurse. She was expelled from that hospital after that incident. Due to her bad reputation, her family pulled a few strings and allowed her to go to Sab as a tourist. Within 15 days of her departure, she married a person from Sab. Moreover, before she left the country of Camino, 10,000 US dollars suddenly appeared in her account.

“Therefore, I can conclude that Auntie was viciously murdered. Although she did not die on the spot, it caused her direct damage. Big Boss, even if you want to go through legal channels in the future, we still have evidence at hand. If you manage to find this nurse and ask her to come forward to testify, the murderer will not be able to escape. However, I think that the person who hired the murderers must be Jiang Shuwan.”

Zhong Nuannuan shook her head. “The drugs that promote blood circulation and dissipate blood stasis can indeed cause heavy bleeding and even cause death to a pregnant woman, but you also said that the doctor discovered that something was wrong at the right time, stopped my mother’s bleeding and allowed me to be born smoothly. Hence, my mother’s death was definitely not caused by this. After all, as long as her hematopoietic stem cells were normal, the blood would be replaced after blood loss. However, she died shortly after giving birth to me, which shows that something else must have happened between the time of childbirth and her death. Therefore, focus on what happened before my mother died.”

“Yes, Big Boss! Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you something. In addition to her inheritance agreement with the team of lawyers, Auntie also had a will, and she asked the team of lawyers to give it to her daughter when she turns 18. Thus, the suicide note must be in Zhong Qianqian or Jiang Shuwan’s hands right now. It is possible that they’ve already processed the will.”

“I’ll take care of this myself. It’s fine if they’re still keeping it; If they’ve processed it, I’ll always be able to know the contents of the will before they die.”


Selina watched Zhong Nuannuan’s microexpressions, for fear that she was currently sad.

After all, the warm and harmonious family that she had been thinking about for 14 years was so filthy in reality. This worried heart…