My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 388

Chapter 388: Smile Under The Sunset

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To be honest, Selina felt that if she had encountered such a thing and had her 14-year-old dream completely shattered, it would be a huge blow to her.

She might become so angry that she would go on a killing spree.

In truth, Zhong Nuannuan was also furious.

However, she was not angry at Jiang Shuwan, but herself.

Sh*t, she was the world’s top mercenary, and had red wanted notices by military forces from various countries, but in her previous life, just because of the recognition of her parents’ amiableness and kindness in her memory, and the fact that Jiang Shuwan looked a little like herself, she completely believed that she was her own mother. This caused her to become unguarded in the end, get drugged by Jiang Shuwan, taken back by remnants of the organization, and injected with muscle atrophy medicine. Not only was she incapable of saving herself, Chi Yang’s life was also sacrificed.

Therefore, she was not killed by Jiang Shuwan, but by her own stupidity. Not only did her stupidity kill herself, it even killed Chi Yang.

However, fortunately God took care of her and allowed her to meet Chi Yang again.

In this life, everything was only just beginning, and the timing was just right.

“Big Boss, I’ve also investigated Prison Guard Wang, who bullied you in prison. The day before you entered the detention center, 200,000 dollars separately appeared in his mother, father, brother, uncle and aunt’s accounts, with the total being 1 million dollars. It’s estimated that the person was afraid of getting monitored for transactions above 250,000 dollars, so the money was divided among five people’s accounts. The benefactor was a third-party platform which hid the first party’s ID account, but we still managed to find it out anyway. The person who sent money via the third-party platform was Jiang Shuwan herself.

“Originally, Aiden and I wanted to arrest this Prison Guard Wang and bring him to you for trial, but half a month ago, this Prison Guard Wang mysteriously disappeared. I suspect that Jiang Shuwan had already dealt with him.”

“Big Boss, Jiang Shuwan is just too much, Aiden and I strongly suggest killing her and Zhong Qianqian.”

Zhong Nuannuan glanced at Selina. “Their death is certain. However, instead of immediately taking them out, I want them to be unable to die in peace, and live a life worse than death. Since they’re so good at planning, I would like to see how hysterical she becomes after all her calculations come to nothing.”

Selina’s eyes lit up. “I’ll do it, I’ll do it, I’ll do it! Big Boss, tell me, how do you want them to live a life worse than death? I’ll help you carry out the specific tasks, and you can just watch on from the side.”

Zhong Nuannuan smiled gently, and quietly told Selina of her plan. After hearing it, Selina laughed loudly. This was going to be fun.

“Big Boss, leave this to me. I’ll first let Zhong Qianqian know that it’s not so easy being the young wife of the Gu Family!”

Under the sunset, two smiling girls who looked youthful and completely harmless became the focus of the passing crowd.

However, no one knew that behind such a beautiful scene was two of the top 20 super mercenaries in the world.

When Leng Qirui limped out while clutching his waist, he saw this perfect picture.

Under the sunset, in the evening breeze, on the grassland beside the bushes, two girls were smiling extremely brightly while sitting on the bench. Their different, yet equally exquisite smiling faces were like mountain flowers blooming in clusters, which made Leng Qirui’s eyes blurry.

At this moment, there was only one thought in his head

D*mn, the T-Rexes have collectively upgraded. The upgraded version of the T-Rex was covered with fresh flowers.

“Hey, you’ve come out? How do you feel?”

Leng Qirui was speechless.

This cursed woman! She was always asking things that should not be discussed!