My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 391

Chapter 391: Spinsters Heart

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Butler Wen glanced at the girl who was occupying most of the space in the backseat, and then glanced at his young master, who hid on the side. He got a feeling like his young master was being raped.

The Leng Family’s house was situated amongst a group of villas on the edge of the Second Ring Road, and its environment was considered quite decent for Jiang District.

However, for the Leng Family, a big and wealthy family from Camino, Leng Jinpeng could be said to be quite low-key for living in such a place.

The car stopped at the entrance of the villa and Leng Qirui and Selina got out of the car one after another.

Looking at the three-story villa, Selina raised her eyebrows. “This is your house?”

“Yeah.” Leng Qirui replied and quickly chased his guest away. “I’ve already arrived home, thank you for coming back with me.”

“You’re welcome.” Selina remained in place after she answered, showing no signs of leaving.

“This young miss, how about I drive you back home? Where do you stay?” Seeing that his young master’s attitude towards Selina was so well-behaved, Butler Wen did not dare to be presumptuous.

“What a coincidence, my family also lives here.”

Leng Qirui and Butler Wen were speechless.

“There, look, it’s the one behind here!”

Leng Qirui and Butler Wen looked around.

The one behind was the most expensive house in this community. It was a five-story building with two basements. At the time, Leng Jinpeng felt that since he was in the military base all year round, Leng Qirui would live in the house alone. Hence, there was no need for such a large house, so he did not purchase it.

As things turned out, Selina ended up buying this house.

Looking at the house, Leng Qirui felt that he could see the evil black energy exuding from it.

He had a feeling that his good life had ended here.

“It just so happens that my brother isn’t home today and no one is cooking at home. Leng Qirui, there are people in your family who make supper, right?”

“Didn’t your family hire a housemaid?”

“We did, but we’re not home, and the housemaid cannot stay in the house, so there’s no one at home today. Let’s go, invite me in for supper!”

Leng Qirui’s mouth twitched. “Didn’t you just eat?”

Sh*t, he had finally witnessed Zhong Nuannuan and Selina’s appetite when he treated them for a meal today. It was at least double that of others.

It had just been awhile since she last ate, but she wanted to eat supper again.

He glanced at the other party’s belly, but inadvertently caught a glimpse of her big breasts that could not be ignored.

Leng Qirui quickly turned his gaze away in embarrassment, and could not help but complain. “You can eat so much, yet you’re still as thin as a rake.”

When Selina heard this, she felt insulted, and she arched her chest. “Skinny? What are your metrics? How can I be called skinny?”

After saying that, she arched her chest proudly again.

Butler Wen on the side almost had a nosebleed from the sight.

Leng Qirui’s eyes also felt extremely uncomfortable.

After all, he was from a military family, and apart from being a bit rebellious and naughty, in general, Young Master Leng was still a well-raised boy who had never came into contact with a woman. After being provoked by Selena, his face instantly flushed red.

Seeing that Young Brother Leng Qirui was so shy, Selina’s spinster heart was touched.

Although she was also very young, she liked young hunks, especially the submissive type.

Leng Qirui portrayed a cool guy persona to the outside world, and never felt that his image would be tied to submissiveness, so when he saw Selina’s intimate gaze, he was hooked by her beautiful eyes, and his face became even redder.

Sure enough, she was a friend of the T-Rex; She was absolutely lethal!