My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 392

Chapter 392: Miserable Young Master Leng

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“Hey, young brother, I still rescued the wounded and sent you back here, yet you won’t even treat me to supper?”

Leng Qirui thought, ‘… I really don’t want to.’

Why was this student like a woman in her early twenties? This whole person was a cunning vixen! How could Zhong Nuannuan make friends with such a person? Where were her eyes looking?

Seeing him looking reluctant and unfazed by her beauty, Selina walked to Leng Qirui and threatened him silently. “Do you want to be beaten up again?”

Selina’s words made Leng Qirui’s body feel even more painful, and he surrendered without a second thought. “It’s just a meal, right? Just eat then. However, here’s the dealquickly leave after you’re done.”

She liked the way he gritted his teeth at her, but could not get rid of her. It was so cute!

Selina smiled gently, and then went into the house without answering him.

“I want to eat filet mignon, omelet and pasta. Do you have red wine in your house? I also want a bottle of red wine. Oh, by the way, is there any garlic toast? Those are my favorite.”

Leng Qirui looked at her in shock. She had just eaten dinner, but still wanted to eat so many things. He could not help but feel disgusted. “Are you a pig?”

Selina looked at Leng Qirui. Her eyes widened, and the other party immediately backed down and ordered, “Follow her directions.”

“Yes.” Butler Wen responded and hurriedly looked for the chef to start cooking.

“Are we done? You just wait here for dinner to be served.”

After speaking, Leng Qirui went upstairs.

Butler Wen gave Selina two dry laughs, then followed his master upstairs.

“Young Master, who exactly is Miss Selina?”

“A person who’s not to be messed with.”

Leng Qirui threw his schoolbag aside, then turned on his computer.

“What I mean is Whose daughter is she?”

“I don’t know.”

“Why did you bring her back then?” Young Master never brought girls to his home!

“Didn’t you see that she wanted to come back with me? I couldn’t hit her either, so what else could I do apart from bring her back?”

Butler Wen’s mouth twitched.

“Young Master, can you not try to make such a shameful thing sound righteous?”

After being glared at by Leng Qirui, Butler Wen immediately smirked and dared not speak any more.

He did not expect that the reason why his young master would take a girl home for the first time was because he hdad succumbed to the other party’s lewdness. However, he also saw his young master blush earlier.

It turned out that his young master liked little vixen-like women like her!

“Quickly go down and serve her, don’t neglect her. She’s a T-Rex, and she’s not to be trifled with. Otherwise, your other arm might be broken.”

Butler Wen was shocked!

Selina wandered downstairs for a while and felt bored, so she went upstairs.

Due to her light movements, Butler Wen, who was downstairs, did not notice this. Leng Qirui, who was playing games in his room, did not have a clue either.

When Selina went in, she realized that Leng Qirui’s game was the same game that she and Aiden played all day long.

When she saw Leng Qirui’s username on the game, she instantly lost her cool.

“‘Talented B*tch’?! Oh my goodness, you’re actually ‘Talented B*tch!'”

Selina’s eyes widened, and her gaze instantly changed from that of looking at a submissive to looking at a hero.

Her extreme adoration made her eyes almost sparkle with stars.

After being yelled at by Selina like this, Leng Qirui’s hand shook, and not only did he miss his attack, half of his health points was taken out by his opponent’s combo.

However, Leng Qirui almost immediately recovered…