My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 394

Chapter 394: Yang Yis Surveillance

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He suppressed the gloominess within him as he stood up and helped this precious lady cut up her steak into little pieces.

Leng Qirui could not help calling her out when he saw Selina had clearly used the wrong skill, “I told you to use this particular skillset here. You’ll be slowed down a lot by using the wrong tactic.”

“Oh, oh, oh. Sorry sorry!”

When it came to gaming, Selina quite idolized Leng Qirui. One word from him and she would immediately apologize good-naturedly; She acted like the perfect student. It was only during moments like these that Leng Qirui was able to rekindle his manly dignity.

Selina took a fork and poked it into a piece of steak, sending it straight into her mouth.

The meat melted in her mouth and she could not help exclaiming, “This steak is really deliciously done.”

“Focus and concentrate!”

Leng Qirui could not stand to sit by and watch as he watched her nearly get killed by the enemy in order to have her steak, so he reached out and held Selina’s hand as he helped her overcome the opponent whilst simultaneously berating.

Selina immediately threw the fork to the side as she immersed herself completely into the battle.

The fork nearly hit the ground when she threw it to the side. Leng Qirui reacted quickly as he grabbed it and held it in his hand.

After that, Selina kept battling the copycat boss, which she and Aiden had played for two weeks without managing to defeat. She dismissed all thoughts of having the steak.

As he watched the steak about to go cold, Leng Qirui could not help himself as he quietly stabbed a piece of the steak as he whiffed its aroma and put it into his mouth.

Hmm, it was not too bad!

And then, Leng Qirui took another piece.

With that, he continued to the next piece.

Under the timely guidance of Leng Qirui, Selina screamed shrilly in absolute delight when the sound of KO rang from the speakers. By the time she was done celebrating, she turned around and saw that her steak, omelette, and bread were all gone. All that was left was a bottle of red wine.

Selina, “”


Zhong Nuannuan consciously placed the bug given to her by Yang Yi where it was supposed to go when she got home.

All sorts of noises were coming through the bug as Yang Yi tuned in. He finally let out a sigh of relief when he concluded that Zhong Nuannuan had placed them in different locations. Yang Yi then picked up a notebook and started to go through everything he had seen today that did not seem right.

What he did not know, was that his phone and even his computer had been hacked by Zhong Nuannuan.

Zhong Nuannuan could see everything he was looking at without him being aware.

It did not take Zhong Nuannuan long to figure out that Yang Yi had been tracking a truck with the license plate 312. However, his hacking skills were not up to par and it was not easy for him to track every corner of surveillance where the truck had passed in a short time. He was only able to pull out the surveillance of the truck only after it had passed the screen. Either that, or he would struggle greatly to extract a piece of surveillance, only to find that the truck had not passed through that particular road at all.

Zhong Nuannuan watched Yang Yi’s screen while her fingers tapped speedily on the keyboard. It did not take long for her to pull out all nearly all surveillance videos of areas where the truck was about to pass through.

After that, she closed all unnecessary screens as the truck quickly appeared in front of her eyes.

From the looks of the tire tracks, the truck was very heavy and the entire back of the truck had been solidly covered up.

Normally, trucks like these would have to be transporting rocks, metal, or heavy lumber to cause that sort of impact on the tires. However, Yang Yi was interested in this truck, which meant that none of the above were loaded on the truck.

Besides, normal trucks moving such inexpensive materials would not be covered up so professionally.