My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 396

"I need to be going. I have something to do. Young Brother Leng, Ill see you tomorrow!"

Leng Qirui, Why do we need to see each other again tomorrow?

Did this T-Rex plan on beating him up again tomorrow? Threaten him? Eat and drink his stuff? Continue dominating his computer?

Leng Qirui thought about moving away at that moment.


The Jiang District harbor.

Even though it was night time, the incoming and outgoing cargo ships continued shifting about the port.

Under the dim lighting, a few happy, but tired faces could be seen looking forward to a haul.

The messy management of the harbor had always been something the Jiang District City Administration found hard to swallow.

As a tourism district, Jiang Districts harbor had always been busy with cargo ships coming and going. There was also a huge flow of businessmen traveling to and fro, not to mention, the never-ending crowds of tourists who enjoyed taking a sleepy boat ride on the river at night.

This situation had given rise to many opportunities for those who prefer walking on the other side of the law.

The trucks, which were loaded with unidentified cargo, moved into the harbor one by one after being given a proper scan.

Someone was already there to receive them at the harbor as the boxes were carefully moved onto the ships.

Yang Yi snuck onto one of the ships without raising any alarms and pried open one of the boxes.

There was a stunned look on Yang Yis face as he took in the box filled with guns and ammunition.

He knew Big Boss and the rest were tracking some people all the way to another country this time in order to arrest this group of firearm smugglers.

However, Big Boss and the others were now gone and a huge quantity of firearms had suddenly appeared. Who could explain to Yang Yi what exactly was happening right now?

Yang Yi was skinny and not considered tall. He fit just right when hiding behind a huge box.

He was not officially a soldier under the special forces team yet and he had only one superior, which was Big Boss. Thus, he had no one to contact at that moment, as the only person he was supposed to get in touch with was Big Boss.

Yang Yi and Big Boss had a special way of contacting one another. Still, Big Boss had mentioned before that he was on a mission and that Yang Yi should not contact him privately unless it was absolutely necessary.

Yang Yi struggled for quite a while before deciding to connect the contact signal.

What he did not know was, the moment he initiated the signal connection, an alarm rang out from the other partys control room.

Yang Yi followed the instructions given by Chi Yang to contact him and anxiously waited for Chi Yangs reply. However, Yang Yi could not get into contact with Chi Yangs network even after trying for quite a while.

Beads of sweat started to form on Yang Yis forehead.

It was obvious by now that Big Boss and the rest were holed up somewhere without any signal.

What was he going to do?

He could not get in touch with Big Boss and he had no clearance to contact the commander-in-chief. Even though he knew other people, Big Boss had told him previously that they were in Jiang District on a secret mission. There was no one they could trust here, including those in the Jiang District military base.

He had Ning Wenhaos contact, but Ning Wenhao was also with Big Boss on the mission.

He had no idea who to go to with the huge shipment of firearms in front of him.

Yang Yi scanned every box with his watch and turned on the video connection in an attempt to send out the video clips.

He could only hope that Big Bosss signal was only momentarily blocked, and that Big Boss would receive the intel very soon.

However, when he attempted to send over the information, it indicated that the intel was still in the midst of being uploaded. Thus, it was clear that Big Boss still had no connection.

Despite this, it was not wise for Yang Yi to continue staying at this location where such a huge shipment of firearms was being traded. After all, triad members, assassins, and even high-end international mercenaries might appear.