My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 397

Yang Yi considered the situation and decided to retreat while finding a way to contact Big Boss. Otherwise, he could also contact Leng Qirui through Zhong Nuannuan and get Leng Qirui to contact Commander-in-Chief Leng. Hopefully, they would be able to stop the ship before it left the countrys borders.

However, he felt some little starry dots shine on his body the moment he got off the ship.

As a reserve member of the special forces team, Yang Yi was those red dots shining between his eyebrows and on his heart meant.

Two physically towering, strong foreign men, who were close to 2 meters tall, came walking towards him. Yang Yi was about to say something when they gave him a karate chop without warning, causing him to fall unconscious to the floor.

A few men in fully-armed gear suddenly appeared from behind and pulled Yang Yi away quietly.

All the while, the harbor continued bustling as usual

A huge splash of cold water washed over him, chilling him to his very core.

Yang Yi woke up with a start, and before his brain was able to process what was happening, he had already instinctively attempted to spring into action to fight the enemy.

However, when he attempted to move, Yang Yi realized that he had been tightly tied to a thick metal pole.

A man with a savage smile was standing in front of him while the two foreigners who had struck Yang Yi unconscious stood beside him. From the looks of their figures, they were likely international mercenaries.

Next to those two foreigners stood dozens of their physically strong minions.

With so many hired thugs, coupled with such a huge load of smuggled firearms, it was not difficult to guess who this man was. Yang Yi immediately blurted


The man gave a laugh. "Looks like you know me really well, so much so that you even managed to recognize me."

As he said this, Viper took out the watch Yang Yi had tried using to contact Chi Yang and gently rubbed it.

"This isnt bad stuff. Was it used to contact Chi Yang? Youre his subordinate, arent you? Hes nothing but an instructor for the Jiang District special forces team, yet hes in personal contact with someone who does not belong to the military base. Thats playing against the rules!"

Yang Yi knew it was the end for him today, but he was not afraid. He was just feeling regret over being unable to fulfil his dream.

Having said that, he had been prepared to give up his life since the day he joined Big Boss team. There was nothing that made him more fired up than taking down these criminals.

He loved his work and he would do anything, even giving up his life, for this career.

"Since you are aware of whom I had contacted, its better for me to advise you to give up these firearms. Our team will soon be here from the military base, and therell be no way you can escape."

Viper laughed when he heard Yang Yis words. Even the mercenaries and hired thugs laughed along with him.

"We were able to monitor who you contacted from your car and if you were able to successfully contact that person. That is why, little boy, you should have been good and stayed home with your mum. Whats the point of challenging the power and viciousness of your big brothers here?"

The man in glasses standing behind Viper was the only person who looked weak and skinny. That man was most probably the brains of their group as he looked at Yang Yi condescendingly.

"Weve installed a shielding system here. Anyone who attempts to connect to the internet or make any calls to convey information will be immediately detected."

Yang Yi knew that there was no way for him to survive this now that he had fallen into the hands of these people. That was why he did not back down from the situation even as he was being held hostage. All he did was stare coldly at the other party and retort, "So what?"