My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 398

"Even if you do manage to escape this time, our captain will certainly arrest all of you the next time!"

Yang Yis words caused everyone to laugh again.

Yang Yi got a bad feeling when he saw them laugh.

"We arent sure if well be able to escape the next time, but what we know is this: This time, not only you, but even your Captain Chi Yang wont be able to escape."

Yang Yis eye widened. "What are you saying? What do you mean?"

The brains of the group chuckled as he threw the watch in front of Yang Yi. "Do you see that? Its still trying to send out information."

"Let me be honest with you, Mustaphas opposition forces have come to an agreement with us. Once Chi Yang and the others arrive at Mustaphas B City, they will take care of Chi Yang and the rest of Caminos special forces."

"B City had been taken over by the opposition forces at midnight today. The moment Chi Yang and the others land in that city, they will be surrounded from all sides by the opposition forces and our Wute Organization. They are a team of 35 people, while we have tens of thousands. So, tell me, do you think they will, ever, be, able, to, return?"

Yang Yi was horrified.

He was especially regretting not contacting Big Boss or the commander-in-chief the moment he noticed something strange about the truck. If he had contacted them, the first thing the commander-in-chief would do would be to immediately send soldiers to arrest the criminals. Once Viper was arrested, the commander-in-chief would be able to put together a special forces team to conduct a rescue mission in Mustapha.

However, Yang Yi had been too focused on trying to gain merit. When he noticed that something was not right that afternoon, he had waited until night time to take action on his own. He had planned to succeed in the mission before Big Boss was back. Not only did he abandon his duty to protect Zhong Nuannuan, but he had also landed himself in danger.

Now, he had failed in his mission and was paying for it with his life.

No wonder Big Boss had always said that he was not suitable to be in the special forces team, and had assigned him the menial task of protecting Zhong Nuannuan.

He did not deserve to be a soldier.

Yang Yis eyes went red as he clenched his teeth while spurting three words, "You, are, lying!"

Viper shook his head. He had no interest in speaking to Yang Yi. The brains of the group standing behind Viper voiced out on Vipers behalf, "Little boy, youre about to die. What is there for us to lie to you about? Sigh. To think, we had thought you must have been a formidable subordinate under Chi Yang. By the looks it, theres really nothing much to you.

"However, youre still young and were not really savages who know only to kill. All you need to do is tell us Chi Yangs identity and background. Tell us if there is another side to him other than being an instructor to students, and we will let you go."

When Yang Yi said nothing, the brains continued, "Caminos only marshal, Chi Yuansheng has a grandson, who is also named Chi Yang. This man has always been a mystery and belongs to the countrys covert special forces. Weve gotten someone to investigate this and found that even though Chi Yuanshengs grandson is in the special forces, his grandson is in charge of the special forces team for Camino and is a lieutenant general. All you need to do is tell me if this Chi Yang is the same Chi Yang I am describing."

Yang Yi looked shocked when he heard the words of the brains, but quickly regained focus and sneered, "Do you really think Im still a child who is still breastfeeding just because Im young? Ive never once thought Id be able to leave here alive after youve caught me. Why should I tell you anything?"

Viper could tell from Yang Yis subtle change in expression that he was unaware of Chi Yangs identity and thus, quickly lost interest in the matter.

"So, all we did was capture a little underling. He doesnt know a thing. Kill him."