My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 399


Yang Yi struggled furiously when he heard the command to kill him, but he breathed a secret sigh of relief.

Lucky for him, they did not notice anything.

If they were able to tell that he knew something, this group of people would torture it out of him. Even though there was no way he would reveal who Big Boss really was, these people might still be able to determine Big Boss true identity from Yang Yis reactions.

If that had happened, the situation at Mustapha would not be as simple as just an alliance between the opposition forces and the mafia. Big Boss might end up getting captured by opposition forces from various countries and used to extort and impede Camino.

Even though he could not help out Big Boss, but at least he did not cause trouble to Big Boss by divulging his true identity.

"Its useless to struggle, little boy. You should be grateful to our Big Boss for allowing you a quick death."

A thug in a black suit, who was standing very near to Viper, took out a gun and walked towards Yang Yi before aiming it at him at the chest.


Yang Yis body trembled involuntarily at the sound.

When he opened his eyes, all he saw were the condescending looks of everyone as they laughed out loud.

The bang he had heard was actually shouted by the man in black.

Yang Yi was extremely furious, yet immensely helpless as he watched the arrogant looks on those criminals.

"Chi Yang has killed many of our brothers, and even got someone to blow up our firearms storage facility in the past. Even though we still have no idea who Q of Spades is, we just assume that anyone were unable to identify is his doing. So, do you think well let you go so easily?"

The thug in the black suit pointed at the camera in front. "Do you see this? Youll need to stand trial in front of us. Once the shipment has moved out, the video of this trial will be broadcasted on all major websites in Camino. Youll be famous right before your death. How do you feel about that?"

Someone knocked on the door at that moment. The man reported to Viper once he entered the room, "Big Boss, its about time to leave."

Viper nodded and turned toward the thug in the black suit. "Let the trial begin."

"Yes, sir."

The man grabbed Yang Yis head and pulled out a knife about seven inches long, placing it at his neck. The man smiled as he looked towards the camera and said, "Commander-in-Chief Leng, you dont know who he is, do you? Let me make an introduction. He is a little nobody who works under your subordinate, Chi Yang. We didnt bother asking his name. After all, he is but an underling who is worthless for us to interrogate.

"Youve messed up our transactions more than once. The last time, someone by the name of Q of Spades appeared and blew up our firearms storage facility. Even though we have no idea who Q of Spades is, but payback for this persons doing will be directed at Commander-in-Chief Leng.

"They say one should always leave a lifeline for another, so that everyone will still be able to meet on good terms in the future. The Jiang District is a transit harbor, a place of survival for everyone. Why do you need to push us to the brink of extinction?

"To be honest, those firearms had not solely been sold to the people of Camino. There was also Naboo, H Country, Mustapha, I Country, and many others. Yet, you chose to blow up our firearms storage without warning. Isnt that too inhumane?

"Since you choose to be inhumane, dont blame us for being inhumane as well. Today, not only are we leaving Camino by shipping off firearms worth 30 billion in a grandiose manner, we are also killing Chi Yangs subordinate in front of you. After killing him, we have prepared a big mystery gift for you. This is a gigantic gift, which we believe will knock your socks off."