My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Please Dont Fault Mommy

The waiting room felt like it was filled with pink bubbles. Zhong Qianqian looked on without a smile on her face. Her face was contorted into an ugly expression.

This did not seem right at all. Was this the Zhong Nuannuan who was arrogant and aloof?

She had hated Chi Yang so much and was furious about what Chi Yang had forced her to do She had promised Zhong Qianqian that she would never be with Chi Yang.

How could she

Zhong Qianqian watched as this man had ignored her from the very beginning by this man but expressed his adoration for Zhong Nuannuan upon seeing her. Zhong Qianqian clasped her hands tightly into a fist as her nails dug deep into her palms without realizing it.

Zhong Qianqian’s eyes burned with jealousy’s raging fire and she walked rapidly towards Zhong Nuannuan.

Jiang Shuwan was already at their side before Zhong Qianqian could even pull that b*tch away from Chi Yang.

“Nuannuan, just look at you. Your dad and I and your sister are right here watching and here you are acting intimate with Chi Yang. This girl of mine, you’re lucky that it’s just our family here. Aren’t you afraid of people gossiping about you if we were in public?”

It did not bother Zhong Nuannuan at all.

“Mum, Chi Yang is my fianc and is also from the military. Who would dare to gossip about us?”

Zhong Nuannuan’s words seemed to have changed the course of things as she had just admitted to being Chi Yang’s fiance, it made Chi Yang completely relaxed about the situation.

Chi Yang quickly voiced his support just as Jiang Shuwan was about to object, “No one would be gossiping about us. The military base has approved the marriage report. We can get married the moment you turn 18. If I hear about anyone saying anything terrible, I can very well sue them in the military court. They can spend their lives accompanied by those high walls.”

Jiang Shuwan could only shut her mouth upon hearing Chi Yang’s words. She attempted to change the topic.

“Okay, okay. I’m happy as long as the both of you can get along well, but this is a detention center after all, do you want to continue being in such a wretched place? Let’s leave. I’ve gotten Aunty Zhao to prepare your favorite hairy crabs and crayfish. There are also many of your favorite dishes prepared. Let your mum and dad welcome you home properly.”

As she said this, Jiang Shuwan reached out to release Zhong Nuannuan’s arms from Chi Yang’s waist. She held Zhong Nuannuan’s hand in her own and called out for Zhong Kuijun and Zhong Qianqian to leave together.

“Wait a minute.”

Jiang Shuwan was stopped by Chi Yang. Before she realized it, Zhong Nuannuan, who was standing by her side, was scooped up into Chi Yang’s arms.

As Zhong Qianqian looked on with envy and jealousy, Chi Yang placed her on the table. He reached out to hold onto Zhong Nuannuan’s pretty, fair-looking feet.

He felt her ice-cold feet and frowned without realizing it. He was a little upset with her but felt more heartache instead. “Why didn’t you put on your shoes? It’s November right now. Don’t you feel cold?”

Zhong Nuannuan, “”

When she realized she had resurrected and could see Chi Yang again, she was so overcome with emotion that she had forgotten to put them on.

“Aunty, where are Nuannuan’s shoes?”

Jiang Shuwan was stunned, “How would I know where her shoes are?”

Why would he even ask her that question?

Chi Yang frowned. “I meant where are the change of clothes and shoes you’ve brought for her? She can’t leave wearing the prisoner’s uniform!”

Everyone stared at each other. Jiang Shuwan looked embarrassed for not being able to defend herself.

“There There is a need for a change of clothes? That I haven’t been to prison before and wasn’t aware that was so much to pay attention to. I was so happy to learn that Nuannuan was released from prison and rushed here immediately without preparing anything. Nuannuan, you wouldn’t blame me, right?”

“What are you doing? You didn’t even bring a piece of clothing for Nuannuan. What kind of mother are you?”

Chi Yang may be Nuannuan’s fianc but his official ranking was much higher than Zhong Kuijun. When he saw the change of expression on Chi Yang’s face, he immediately roared at his wife.

Jiang Shuwan’s expression turned pale. She knew that she failed to handle this properly and turned to look at Zhong Nuannuan to pacify her.

“Nuannuan, why don’t we just leave that uniform on? The car is right outside and is just a few steps away. Let’s change at home, okay?”

Before she could agree, she heard Chi Yang said, “Wait for me for a while.”