My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 400

"Do you want to know what that gift is? Hahahaha By the time youve watched this video, itll nearly be time for you to receive the gift."

"Ill give you a clue for now. Rumor has it that your health is failing. Take good care of your heart when you receive that gift! I really do hope to see the news of you suddenly passing away!"

The thug in the black suit laughed heartily after he finished talking. Even though the thugs around him and Viper did not appear on camera, they laughed along with him as well.

The thug in the black suit asked, "Brothers, take a guess. How many times will it take me to chop off his head with this knife?"

"Seven times!"

"Six times!"

"Hes so small and weak, five times will be enough!"

"Okay, since everyone is so sure of me, Ill try to cut off his head in five strikes."

He raised his hand as he said this.

The look in Yang Yis eyes was now as dead as the dust on the ground.

Video clips like this were quite common within A Countrys rebel forces. This was considered a type of sacrificial ceremony for As world. Most of those massacred in this ceremony were soldiers from Sab.

In Camino, however, such bloody acts were not commonly seen.

Yang Yi felt the icy-cold sharp knife against his throat as he shut his eyes tight. All he hoped for was to not feel much pain when his fresh blood splattered across the ground.

"Here I come! Im doing it!"

That man was treating Yang Yi as a rat as he played around with Yang Yi. Laughter could be heard from everyone around him.

Suddenly, the knife moved.

Just as Yang Yi felt the blade coming down


The group of mafia members shouted and screamed as Yang Yi opened his eyes in confusion.

The knife was still at less than one millimeter away from his neck, and he could he even feel the cold, chilling steel of the tip of that knife.

The man wielding the knife was still standing in place, but he

His head was no longer attached to his neck.

The head had been cleanly cut off right where his Adams apple was.

Even though this was the enemy, but Yang Yi, who was still a student, stiffened at the sight of the headless body standing in front of him.

As for those thugs and mercenaries, they were now in a panic. Every gun barrel was pointed in different directions, as if prepared to face a terrible enemy.

No one had seen what had happened. The head of a top assassin was cut off just like that.

If the head that was taken off belonged to Viper

No one dared to imagine the consequences.

"Whos there? Come out!"

"Protect Big Boss."

Two voices chimed out at almost the same time.

The first thing those two foreign mercenaries did was to shield Viper behind themselves.

The rest had formed a circle around them. Everyone had a gun in their hand as they protected the three within the circle.

Even though there were many people around, Vipers face had drained of color.

This was especially so as he had not even caught a glimpse of the enemy when his henchmans head had been chopped off, nor did he see that the camera had also been cut in half in the process. His head started to go numb when he saw a poker card sitting on the camera rack, which was the queen of spades.

The only henchman he had that was still alive from the club was still in a terrible mental state. Whenever the henchman saw poker cards, he would immediately fall to the floor and would even pee out of fright. This showed how disturbingly powerful the ability of this Q of Spades was.

Even though those henchmen from the club could not compare to these assassins protecting him, he had still arranged for 99 people to stand guard at the club in order to guard those firearms in storage.