My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 401

He had only 20 people with him now, while another 100 were with the shipment.

Viper seriously doubted these few number of people would be able to stop Q of Spades attack.


No one knew how the door had been broken down. Just as everyone had thought Q of Spades would appear from within the opening of broken bricks and tiles behind Yang Yi, a huge and heavy metal door fell to the floor next to them with a loud thud. The door crashed to the floor as dust filled the entire room.

After that, a man appeared in front of the group. He had on a strange-looking Q of spades mask.

His height was not more than 1.7 meters and he had a full head of short, silver hair. He looked competent and quite cool. His extremely smooth and round earlobe had three skull-shaped piercings on it, which dazzled in a bizarre way in the dimly lit space.

No one dared to treat this man, who did not have a physically strong built, as a weakling. After all, everyone present had heard about the ominous story from their Big Boss, Viper.

"Kill him!"

The thought of the loss of his goods worth 10 billion made Viper see red. He roared out the words as every assassin fired their guns at without hesitation.

They did not believe Q of Spades would suddenly grow extra limbs and escape when so many were firing openly at him.

Some of the assassins were using handguns, while others were using machine guns. Regardless of what type of gun they were using, everyone was emptying their magazines without holding back.

The room was now filled with swirling dust. After all bullets had hit the wall in front of them, it had caused the wall to crumble, creating even more swirling dust which made it impossible to see what was happening 5 feet ahead.

After the shooting stopped, everything fell quiet.

"Is he dead?"

"He must be dead! Weve had so many people firing at the same time, its not like he could suddenly grow extra limbs and make a miraculous escape."

Two of the assassins started chatting. Even though the room was filled with dust, everyone was starting to feel much more at ease.


"Are you guys talking about me?"

Everyone whipped around when they suddenly heard a familiar yet frightening voice.

Those who had reacted to the voice did not even bother taking a clear look as they spun around, immediately pulling the trigger regardless of who was standing behind them.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh

Tat, tat, tat, tat, tat

The sound of gilded poker cards slicing off heads could be heard at the same time the machine guns started firing.

Some of them were now headless, but the machine guns in their hands continued firing. Viper could only attempt to escape in flurry panic, rolling about with the help of the two international mercenaries he had hired.

By the time the gunfire ceased, the only person standing tall in the middle of the building was Q of Spades wearing the strange-looking mask.

He was now holding a small, light machine gun while he chewed on a big, round, white piece of bubble gum in his mouth.


The bubble burst, making Viper jump out of his skin.

"You You Youre actually using a machine gun!"

Q of Spades used poker cards to kill, right?

He looked at the floor. There were six bodies that had been separated from their heads while the dozens of others left were killed by bullets.

This devil, he was cheating!

Zhong Nuannuan looked at Viper as if she was staring at an idiot. She remembered how the assassin had accused her as being despicable when she had gone to kill them at their hideout in the past. Zhong Nuannuan had thought that it made no sense at all.

"Whats wrong with this? Why shouldnt I use a gun when I have one?"

Vipers eyes stared dead ahead at the poker card in Q of Spades hand. It was clear what he had meant.

The two international mercenaries by his side knew how to speak Camino, and immediately snarled.