My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 402

"Dont you specialize in killing people with playing cards?

"How can you change your weapon of choice halfway? Wheres your pride? Dont you want to be professional? This unexpected killing method is completely shameless!"

"Is there even such a thing as specialization once it comes to killing people?" This was news to Zhong Nuannuan. Was it not enough to just kill people in any way possible? Could it be that she was already outdated after leaving the industry for just over half a year?

"Then, why do you insist on killing people with playing cards? Are you trying to fool us?"

After that incident, in order to annihilate the Queen of Spades, their organization even studied the angles and skills used each time he had pulled out his cards, and even began to produce powerful, lethal playing cards with blades on the edges for the organizations top mercenaries. All of this was done in order to defeat him with his own weapon of choice the next time they faced him.

However, after spending so much time learning the techniques, he had actually said that he was not a killer who specialized in using playing cards.

This was just too much!

Zhong Nuannuan also thought that these people were very weird!

"Isnt fighting between enemies a life or death struggle? I kill people with whatever method that is available. Why would I try to fool all of you?"

Viper was furious. "Then why didnt you use a gun to kill people in the first place, sh*t!"

Zhong Nuannuan replied, "Do you think I didnt want to? Cant you see that I dont have any guns on me?" She was a freaking Year 3 Senior student, how could she be so ostentatious and draw out a gun whenever she wanted? They were not in Sab!

"Why dont you kill people with a knife then? Since you dont have a gun, cant you use a knife?"

"Isnt that because I wanted to match my mask? Ive already bought this plastic mask, I cant just let it go to waste, right?"

"Pfft! Hahahaha"

Selina, who had been holding back her laugh, immediately laughed out loud after hearing this answer.

Her big boss was an ever-changing little princess! Moreover, she was an ever-changing little princess with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

When wearing black tights, she would kill with darts.

When wearing vintage outfits, she would kill with a dagger.

When wearing elegant womens clothing, she would kill with a soft whip.

When dressed up as a gangster, she would use a knife to slash people.

When dressed as a hermit, she would kill using silver needles.

When returning to Zhong Familys house, she saw a Queen of Spades mask at the roadside stalls, and bought it because she thought it was looked fun.

Therefore, when she killed wearing the Queen of Spades mask, she killed with playing cards.

In short, her big boss was really proficient in all kinds of martial arts. She was a genius. When it came to killing, there was no method she did not know.

This was why their group of people called her big boss although she was young. This was also why she placed No 1 in the international mercenary rankings at such a young age.

However, all of the above was only applicable in a situation when a gun was not available.

With guns, who in the world would waste their time handling these broken gadgets in such a pompous way?

Big Boss used these mostly because she was lazy and did not like putting guns in her bag.

However, this time, it was because they really did not have guns.

After all, Big Boss came back to be a student, not to kill people.

Hearing the laughter of a woman, Viper and the two international mercenary killers looked behind them in horror.

The wall behind them had already been knocked down by their own bullets. At this moment, a graceful woman with waist-length blue curly hair and a mermaid mask walked out. With her long, slender legs, she approached the Queen of Spades