My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 403

Her hands landed on Queen of Spades shoulders, and she lifted up her buttocks, almost making the two international mercenaries noses bleed.

"Brother Spades, I dont know what your relationship is with the people in the military, but Im sure you are a man from the underworld. The two next to me are international 3A-level mercenaries. How about this, for me, Vipers sake, let us transport the goods today, and from then on well be friends. You ruined my 10 billion dollars worth of goods before, so just how about you just accept my offer of friendship, and I wont bring up that incident from now on, okay?"

To be honest, although the two international mercenaries next to him were indeed much more powerful than the other subordinates, if a firestorm of bullets had not been able to bring the other party down. Thus, he did not fully trust the two 3A mercenaries.

Besides that, the Queen of Spades was not the only one here today.

Even if this woman was a subordinate of the Queen of Spades, he probably would not have brought her along if she were unreliable.

Therefore, Viper did not intend to deal with scary people like the Queen of Spades anymore. His top priority was to ship out all the remaining goods in the country.

If this batch of ammunition was stopped in Camino again, upon his return, forget keeping his position as the big boss in Camino, he might not even live to see the next full moon.

When she heard that these two international mercenaries were only level 3A, Zhong Nuannuan was a bit speechless.

"It seems that your connections in the military are very strong. After all, you dare to smuggle so many weapons with just the help of two international mercenaries and a bunch of half-handed thugs, yet are able to leave undetected. Thats really awesome."

Viper smiled slightly, got up from the ground, and returned to his usual demeanor.

"Its easy to say. Well, Brother Spades, what do you think of my request? Do it for my sake!"

Before Zhong Nuannuan could reply, Selina sneered, "What are you? Why should my man do things for your sake?"

As soon as Selina said this, Vipers face changed color.

He looked towards the Queen of Spades with an expression as dark as the bottom of a pot. "Brother Spades, it seems that youre not very good at keeping your woman on a leash! You havent even said a word yet, but your woman already spoke for you. This kind of bad-mannered woman should be dumped as soon as possible! If you like it, we have a lot of beautiful women in the Wute Organization, just say the word and we will get you beautiful women of all shapes and sizes."

"Haha." The deep laughter seemed lazy yet attractive. "For me, women are to be spoiled. You may not know me well yet, but I am a less assertive person, so I generally do whatever my woman says."

Selena, who was originally furious when she heard that someone was trying to find a woman for her big boss, felt that her whole girly heart was about to melt away upon hearing her big boss response.

Big Boss flirting skill had upgraded again!

What should she do?

Although she knew that Big Boss was a woman, she really, really, really loved it whenever Big Boss became a man! She felt that there was no woman, ahh no, man who was more gentlemanly and attractive in this world than her big boss!

Zhong Nuannuan looked at Viper and asked with a smile, "How about this, are you three going to die together, or should we only work on you after the two of them are taken care of?"

"Spades, dont forget, these two are 3A-level killers. They belong to the Giltash Mercenary Organization from Country F. If you kill them, you will not only be starting a fight against our Wute Organization, but also create an enemy out of the Giltash Mercenary Organization."