My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 404

"Do you think that with your own strength, you can fight our entire Wute Organization and the Giltash Mercenary Organization?"

Selina said, "What, Penis Is Too Small? Ive never heard of it! If your penis is too small, then go to the hospital! A group of men as skinny as toothpicks, why are you out here to embarrass people? Are you all proud of having a small penis? Do you think my man will be afraid of a group of fake eunuchs?"[1]

Selina, who had been continuing her study of the Camino language recently, would translate everything into the Camino language. This translation was a direct slap to the face of the Giltash Mercenary Organization!

"Youre courting death!"

Both of Giltashs mercenaries could also understand the Camino language, and now that they heard this woman mock their organization in such a way, anger stirred in their hearts, and they immediately lost their temper.

It did not matter that they were facing the vicious Queen of Spades as they tried to quickly get rid of them while they were still talking. Before the other party had time to defend themselves, they decided to get the woman as a hostage.

He said that he spoiled his woman, right?

They intended to hold the Queen of Spades woman hostage to see if he would compromise.

When Viper saw the two international mercenaries launch their attack aimed at the woman at almost the same time, his body immediately moved. He took out his gun and immediately ducked behind the two mercenaries.

After all, the Queen of Spades was too fast, and he was afraid that the Queen of Spades would react by taking him hostage in return.

Ultimately, although his skill was slightly better than the fighters under him, he was really only considered a 2A-level mercenary according to international rankings.

Right as the two Giltash mercenaries were about to succeed, an unexpected scene happened.

The woman who looked soft, weak and boneless actually grabbed the man who had clamped her with a backhand, and with a light flick of his wrist, the mercenary who was close to 2 meters high let out a miserable cry.

Seeing that the situation was going all wrong, the other mercenary raised his machine gun from his waist and shot a round of bullets at the woman.

However, the womans reactions were extremely fast, and a split second after breaking the other mercenarys wrist, she pushed him away.

The bullets hit his companion as the woman simultaneously walked out from behind the other mercenary like a vicious ghost. She jumped onto the mercenary and clamped her legs around the other partys waist. As if twisting the cap of a soda bottle in her hands, she snapped the head of the remaining mercenary until his head was facing the other direction.

Two international 3A-level mercenaries were actually killed by a woman in less than five seconds.

What was this

This was no different from pinching an ant to death.

Viper was so frightened that he hurriedly fired at the woman.

However, before he pulled the trigger, a card severed the tendons of his right hand.

"Forgive Forgive me! Brother Spades, please forgive me! I dont want those goods anymore, theyre all for you, for you! Please have mercy and forgive me!"

His gun fell to the ground as Viper endured the pain in his wrist, quickly knelt down, and kowtowed while begging for mercy, looking at Zhong Nuannuan and Selina with panic-filled eyes.

The Wute Organization was the largest mafia group in the East, but when it came to the global-scale, because of the difference in physical size between the Easterners and Westerners, only a few Eastern mercenaries could squeeze into the S-level mercenary ranks.

Having said that, both the Queen of Spades and the woman next to him should both be S-rank mercenaries.

This was simply not something he could challenge as a 2A-level mercenary.

[1] In Mandarin, the name "Giltash Mercenary Organization" has a similar pronunciation to the phrase "penis is too small".