My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 405

Chapter 405: Coffin

Now, Viper just wanted to save himself. Once his life was spared, he would flee. As for those goods, they all belonged to the organization. Even so, it was better to be hunted down by the organization than to die in the hands of these two demons now.

"I can spare you."

The Queen of Spades words made Vipers eyes light up.

"However, you have to tell me, who on earth is your contact in the military? Who sabotaged Chi Yang?"

"I dont know! I dont know!"

"It seems that you wont cry until you see your own coffin."

"I, I, I I really dont know!" Viper was petrified as he looked at the Queen of Spades as if he was waiting for his death sentence.

Selina said nothing on the side. Instead, she pulled out a dagger from her boot and sliced Vipers left hand.


The screams that sounded like a pig being gutted rang out in the empty room. The shrieks were terrifying.

Looking at the left hand that had been completely detached from his body and his stump of a left wrist that was still shaking, a strong hatred burst out from Vipers heart.

"Ive already begged for mercy, what else do you want?"

"Should we let you go once you beg for mercy? What are you?" Zhong Nuannuan sneered, "You even dared to stare at my woman!"

After saying that, a few silver needles came out from nowhere and shot straight into Vipers eyeballs.


There was another bloodcurdling scream.

Selina saw that of the two needles that big boss had just shot, one nailed Vipers eyelid open, while the other directly pierced through one of Vipers eyeballs.

Gurgling blood flowed out of the eyeball; It had probably hit an artery. Very quickly, Vipers eyeball began to wither at a noticeable speed, until eventually, the bloodshot eyeball fell right out of the eye socket.

Selina was shocked!

The accuracy of big boss shooting seemed to be even crazier now.

Viper watched on with his left eye how his right eyeball strangely slipped out of its eye socket. He was so scared that he instantly lost his temper.

In short, after mixing around within the mafia for so many years, with the exception of the worlds top bosses who were of a perverted level, he had never heard of anyone with such precise hand accuracy as that of the Queen of Spades.

"I dont want to talk nonsense with you. From now on, every time you say something stupid, I will destroy one of your organs. Dont worry I can guarantee that you wont die."

Zhong Nuannuans words made Viper so scared that he shifted aside.

"Who is the spy you planted in the military base?"

"Big Brother, I really didnt lie, although Im the boss, Im only an executive boss in the Wute Organization. Theres a very big market here in Camino, and our contacts in the military are basically not accessible by people of my level."

Zhong Nuannuan listened and said nothing. She took the knife from Selinas hand, and as she was about to slash his foot, Viper was so frightened that he quickly blurted, "Although I dont know who our upper contact is, I know our lower contact. The lower contact is a commander. I dont know what his specific name is, but hes still quite capable. Every time we come in, he always has a way to help us cover it up. This commander also has a high-ranking person above him, according to my inference, this person should be a major general!"

"Nonsense, could it be a lieutenant general then? Theres only one lieutenant general in the whole of Jiang Districts military base!" Selina was speechless.