My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 406

Chapter 406: Viper?

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When it came to Leng Jinpeng, if Big Boss trusted him, she trusted him as well.

“Yes, yes, yes! I spoke too much!”

“How did you get Chi Yang to go to Mustapha this time? What’s the situation in City B now?”

“This time, the goods heading for Mustapha are all fakes, but in order to fool Chi Yang, fillers were inserted into each weapon with the intention of making them weight exactly the same as the real ones.

“City B had already fallen into enemy hands early this morning, and is completely occupied by rebel forces. However, in order to bait Chi Yang, the rebels have been suppressing the news. As for the legitimate military the news has not spread because all of them are already dead.

“After Chi Yang and the others head over there in the morning, the killers sent by the rebels and the Wute Organization will launch an attack on Chi Yang and his soldiers.”

Zhong Nuannuan was about to die of rage, but she suppressed the hostility that arose in her heart, and asked, “Why do you have to hunt Chi Yang down? To kill him, you even united with the opposition forces in Mustapha.”

“It’s because he cut off a lot of our livelihoods after he arrived. Big Boss has been displeased of him for a long time already, so he wanted to get rid of him. Besides that, we can execute our transactions here smoothly only after he and his special forces team are gone.”

“What’s your relationship with that 3S-level mercenary named ‘Viper’ from the KE organization?

Viper was taken aback. “What Viper? ‘Viper’ has always been my code name, I How can I be related to a 3S-level mercenary?”

Seeing that Viper was not joking, and really did not know the woman who had killed her and Chi Yang in her past life, Zhong Nuannuan stood up.

Viper begged for mercy. “Brother Spades, just let me go. I’m a cripple now, and I can only live in hiding from now on. Since I’ve already said so much, please spare my life! God cares for every living being! Just treat me as a fart and release me, let me live out the rest of my life as a fugitive!”

“God’s virtuous mercy is not applicable for you.”

When Zhong Nuannuan said this, Selina did not even bother to say anything else, instead quickly lodging the dagger in her hand into his brain.

She looked at her unsoiled hands in disgust and asked, “Big Boss, will there be any danger on brother-in-law’s side? Are you going to Mustapha?”


After saying that, she edited a paragraph of Viper’s confession and sent it to Leng Jinpeng anonymously.

After that, she forwarded a screenshot of the entire shipment of weapons to Leng Jinpeng.

When Leng Jinpeng received the news from Zhong Nuannuan, he was extremely enraged. Avoiding all the major generals under his command, he issued orders directly to the military base. 3,000 soldiers rushed to the scene immediately and intercepted all the goods that had not yet been transported.

When the team arrived, all the people under Viper had died.

As Zhong Nuannuan and Selina were dealing with the goons around Viper, Aiden had already gone out alone to deal with all of Viper’s subordinates.

Therefore, when the 3,000 people arrived, all they saw was the harbor piled high with corpses as well as the cargo ship full of weapons.

The major generals of the military base were all preparing to go to bed when they suddenly received news from the port, and when they hurriedly put on their battle uniforms and rushed to the commander-in-chief’s department, they walked in to see the commander-in-chief, whose face was darker than ink.

Before they could speak, all of them were taken to the interrogation room by their comrades from the military base’s justice department.

Without exception.

Looking at the last sentence in the anonymous email, “Don’t trust anyone”, Leng Jinpeng felt a chill run down his spine.