My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 407

Chapter 407: Rescue

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He originally thought that Jiang District’s problem was not too serious, but now, it seemed that the waters in Jiang District were very deep!

Zhong Nuannuan glanced at Yang Yi, who was unconscious in the car, and asked, “What kind of medicine did you give him?”

Aiden replied, “Anaesthesia. He will wake up in about 2 hours. However, where are we going to put him?”

“Send him to the small workshop in the factory.”

After saying that, Zhong Nuannuan took out a silver needle and precisely pierced the nerves in Yang Yi’s brain while Selina was still driving.

“Don’t pull this needle out until after I come back.”


“Big Boss, are you planning to go to Mustapha alone?”

“Yeah, you and Aiden will stay here.”

Aiden jumped eight feet into the air and almost knocked a hole in the roof of the sports car.

“Why? When Big Brother asked me and Selina to come over to accompany you in the beginning, he told us to take care of your safety.”

Seeing Aiden speaking with a righteous and indignant look, Zhong Nuannuan could not help but interrupt him. “Are you sure that I’m not the one protecting you instead?”

Aiden and Selina were lost for words.

What happened to brotherly love?

“Big Boss, does Brother-in-Law know your identity?”

Zhong Nuannuan did not answer.

“If Brother-in-Law doesn’t know your identity, and you met Brother-in-Law when you hastily rushed to Mustapha, can you guarantee that Brother-in-Law will not recognize you? You can change everything, including your temperament, but can you change the shape of your bones and the faint fragrance on your body?”

Zhong Nuannuan remained silent.

“Therefore, Big Boss, you should take Aiden and I along. After we get there, the three of us can take care of each other. This will help Brother-in-Law, and you also won’t be discovered by Brother-in-Law so quickly! The both of you are not married yet. If you let your Brother-in-Law find out that are the No 1 ranked mercenary, and even have your name in red on his most wanted list, would he still marry you?”

Zhong Nuannuan was aghast!

In the end, after Selina and Aiden finished dealing with Yang Yi, they followed Zhong Nuannuan to Mustapha.

On the school’s side, Selina informed the principal through her own contacts, and helped Zhong Nuannuan and herself apply for a day’s leave. Thus, the three of them set off in a private jet that very night.

Mustapha’s City B was only two hours away by speedboat from Jiang District, and it was even faster by plane.

However, Zhong Nuannuan’s private plane could not directly enter City B, and could only go to City C, which was adjacent to City B.

After getting off the plane, three battle-built off-road vehicles were already waiting for them on the private runway.

At this moment, Zhong Nuannuan, Aiden, and Selina had changed their costumes and were now wearing something more appropriate for Mustapha.

Seeing Zhong Nuannuan getting off the plane surrounded by Aiden and Selina, the people in the car immediately walked towards Zhong Nuannuan enthusiastically.

“Big Boss.”

Three mercenaries stepped down from the three vehicles. These three people were the senior executives of the mine in C City, Mustapha. After seeing Zhong Nuannuan, they were a little excited, but to people on the side, it could be seen from their solemn expressions and straight postures that they respected this beautiful and young woman in front of them very much, and did not dare to treat her incorrectly.

Although Zhong Nuannuan was still a girl at this moment, her appearance had changed into that of a career woman of around 25 years old.

Her tall figure, slender waist, and worn jungle off-road outfit lit up the eyes of the Mustapha military officers, who were following behind the three senior executives.

“Big Boss, this is General Venato, major general of Mustapha.”