My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 408

Chapter 408: Venato

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After a high-level executive introduced the general in Mustapha’s military uniform, he explained in the Mustapha language, “General Venato, this is our big boss.”

Venato was also accompanied by a few deputies. The highest-ranking deputy was a lieutenant, but the senior executive only introduced Venato without introducing him. This was because the senior officials felt that he was not yet qualified to shake hands with their boss.

“Hello Q, I used to chat with you on the phone, but when I saw you today, you completely broke my preconceptions of beauty. It turns out that beautiful women can also be so powerful.”

Zhong Nuannuan’s appearance made Venato’s eyes light up. Such a beautiful and powerful woman was really his favorite type.

He was the youngest and most promising general in Mustapha, and had not been married until now because he felt that he had not yet met anyone who could enchant him.

Many of the girls who pursued him came from powerful and influential families in Mustapha. However, these people were either tough but not good-looking, or slightly good-looking, but were cultivated by their family into a little white flower that could not stand wind nor frost.

The moment he saw Zhong Nuannuan, Venato’s eyes lit up. He started to feel attracted to her, and felt that such a woman really suited him.

She dared to come to Mustapha alone during such a chaotic time, and even wanted to sneak into the war zone; This was really a steely rose!

He did not think at all that it was unwise for Zhong Nuannuan to sneak into the war zone at this time. Even as a branch asset, she could already rank among the top three richest people in Mustapha; For a woman in her 20s able to grow the industry so much and make her subordinates so obedient, needless to say, her ability must be just as remarkable as her beauty.

Seeing Major General Venato extending a friendly hand, Zhong Nuannuan also politely extended her’s for a handshake.

The other party’s hand separated immediately after touching her, which indicated that this Venato was courteous and well-mannered.

Thinking about how she was in such a position at a such young age, he could not afford to be short-sighted.

As one of his benefactors, she had spent a lot of money on him, and had nurtured him from a first lieutenant into the youngest general in Mustapha. If he dared to be disrespectful toward her, Zhong Nuannuan would clearly show him that she could build him up with money, and also throw him into the mud with money.


It was not until he retracted his hand that Zhong Nuannuan greeted Major General Venato coldly.

“Big Boss, this way please.”

The senior executives of City C were bent over, making a ‘please’ gesture, as they invited Zhong Nuannuan into the car.

However, throughout this distance of less than 50 meters, Venato had been looking at Zhong Nuannuan the entire time. Had he actually been brought up by this woman?

After getting into the car, Venato and Zhong Nuannuan sat together, while a captain’s deputy sat opposite them with the senior executives of Mustapha. Even so, Venato was very conscious towards this woman, who had more than 20 of the most valuable mines in Mustapha, had countless treasures excavated in Mustapha every year, and who could not even be impeded by the Congress. Thus, he automatically vacated a little distance between them.

Although he liked this woman, and knew at first glance that he was fascinated by her, as a politician and a careerist, Venato understood well who could and could not be touched.

“Q, are you really going to City B? I heard Jacks say that you only have two mines in City B. City B was completely occupied by the rebels yesterday.”