My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 409

Chapter 409: Decline

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“The reason why I’m in City C today is to organize a counterattack in two days. The situation there is dire now. Almost all of our people have become prisoners, and you’ll definitely be in danger if you go there. How about you rest for two days first, and enter City B after we head in first?”

Zhong Nuannuan looked at Venato. “Why can’t it be today?”

Venato was a little helpless. “It’s because the head of state’s attack order has not yet been sent out yet. I have to get the head of state’s attack order to proclaim war on City B. What’s more, it’s now 10 o’clock in the evening, and there are two hours left until tomorrow. We’re also still in the car now, so how can we start an attack today?

“Q, I know you’re impatient. You’ve helped me a lot, and it’s rare to have my help needed, so I feel obliged to help you. However, a war is not something you can simply declare”

Venato was trying his best to persuade her, but Zhong Nuannuan was impatient.

“A war is not something that can be simply declared, so do we have to pose and count down from three before starting to fight?” Zhong Nuannuan interrupted Venato, her pair of beautiful eyes staring straight at Venato like an eagle.

“One billion dollars, I need you to start the fight today.”

Zhong Nuannuan’s offer made Venato’s eyes twitch fiercely, and he was almost unable to maintain the serious expression on his face.

One billion… dollars!!!

How tempting was this number to him?

With one billion dollars, he could bribe so many people, and his military rank might advance to a higher one…

“Q, I’m really tempted by your proposal. However, you can ask other military officers, whether in Mustapha or in your country of Camino, if you want to go to war, you must get orders from your superior. Although I’m favored by the head of state and does not need to be approved at all levels, I should at least get the first order from the head of state, right? If I act hastily without the order from the head of state, my political opponents will definitely kill me.”

“What the rebels want is the head of the head of state, right?” Zhong Nuannuan suddenly changed the topic.


“You think there are no spies around the head of state then?”

“…” Venato sighed. “There should be, otherwise the legitimate military would not have been defeated so thoroughly. However, I haven’t found out who the spy is. This will take time.”

“Then you can take advantage of this opportunity to make two great contributions. First, take down City B, and second, find the spies.”


“You haven’t gotten the head of state’s reply, but as the head of state’s trusted aide, you should have his phone number, right?”

Venato nodded. “I do.”

“Call him and tell him that there is a spy around him, so you can’t wait for the notification to attack City B. Let him make preparations for self-defense, and immediately issue you a verbal order to attack the enemy and catch them off guard. With this, the spies will panic when they receive the news, and at the same time, they will be anxious to inquire about the next battle plan. In the words of our country of Camino, it’s called alerting the enemy. When this happens, the head of state may be able to determine the possible spies through their overly eager performance, and then monitor them one by one. The real spy will be found eventually.”

Venato widened his eyes. “Q, your words are very reasonable and feasible. However, my people will not be there until early tomorrow morning at the earliest. If we attack now, there will be insufficient weapons and manpower!”

Seeing Venato make up another excuse, Zhong Nuannuan suppressed her anger and asked, “How many people do you have?”