My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 410

Chapter 410: One Of Us

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“I only have 20,000 people now. However, there are at least 100,000 rebels in City B. 20,000 vs 100,000”

Thinking of these 100,000 people, in addition to the killers from the Wute Organization who were now blocking the entire city’s network and fighting against her man, Zhong Nuannuan felt very uncomfortable, as if she had been scratched by a cat.

“20,000 people are enough, go to war.”


“No buts!” Zhong Nuannuan’s dagger-like gaze shot towards Venato. “Our country also has a saying ‘doing something when least expected’, and another saying that goes ‘A man of great ambition does not bother with trifles’. Forget 20,000, even 2,000 can fight this battle! Calling those people in City B rebels is being nice, to put it bluntly, they’re guerrillas and mobsters! How many guns and rounds of ammunition can they have? They’re just a few pieces of rat poop; As a major general, how can you back down?”

He knew that he might offend Q. After all, Q’s people helped him a lot and supported his promotions. Faced with Q’s request, morally speaking, he should help her. However…

“Q, I am a politician. Although morally speaking, I should help you, the basis of our cooperation is that I must survive. The prerequisite for helping you is that my interests will not be harmed too much.

“Q, I’m telling you this because I really regard you as one of us. The rebels in Mustapha have only caught us by surprise. I’m sure I can decisively win this war. However, one of the conditions for winning this war is that I must first wait for my people to arrive! Although my people will not arrive until tomorrow, and the casualties in City B may increase a few hours later, I can guarantee victory.

“However, if I rush in today, as you said, I might be able to kill two birds with one stone, and they are indeed great feats. Yet, the greater the opportunity is, the more risk it entails. I’m afraid that when the time comes, our goals will not be achieved, and I’d be doomed eternally instead.”

“You won’t. If you’re afraid of death, you can lend me your men. I will fight this battle for you. When I win, I’ll give you the merits of this victory.”

Venato did not expect Zhong Nuannuan to be so difficult to persuade. Despite this, he still refused. “Q, it’s really not that I don’t want to help you, it’s really Not only will my team not arrive until tomorrow morning, I’ve also received news that the rebels have established a relationship with a super mafia organization in Yamato. They have a large batch of weapons that will be delivered by sea tonight, and it might have even already arrived.”

Although Zhong Nuannuan did not ask where Viper was transporting such a large shipment of weapons, since Chi Yang and the others could be fooled, it meant that the weapons were meant to be shipped to City B in Mustapha. It was just that Chi Yang and the others had gone early because of the spies.

Venato was a politician supported by Big Brother, Feng Shengxuan, during peacetime; he had a good family background and handled his work smoothly. In peacetime, it was very easy for such a person to be promoted.

He only asked for a force to help take care of their mines, while these people had also actually blatantly taken a lot of the mines’ newly excavated materials right out of their hands.

Logically, if he was a trustworthy partner, even if he did not want to go to battle himself, he would at least get his deputy to bring Nuannuan in.

However, this Venato had shirked away from the very beginning, so the important news of the batch of weapons being intercepted by Camino’s military…