My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 411

Chapter 411: Death Penalty

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She no longer needed to talk to him nor support his career.

From this moment on, Venato was dead to Zhong Nuannuan.

Therefore, they said nothing else for the rest of the journey.

Venato arranged for Zhong Nuannuan to stay in the best hotel and best presidential suite in City C. After all, this was his big benefactor. Although there was no way to help her attack City B in advance, he still served Zhong Nuannuan very well when it came to her food, clothing, shelter and transportation.

After checking into the hotel, Selina and Aiden ran to Zhong Nuannuan’s room.

After entering the room, the two turned on a device and started to conduct a test.

“There’s no need to look anymore.” After saying that, Zhong Nuannuan threw the three destroyed tapping devices onto the table.

“This Venato is simply too much. In the beginning, he sucked up to us in order to get promoted; I was there at the time, and I still remember that face until now. Hehe, he’s just a major general now, and he already looks down on us. Jacks has reported to me many times that he has deep nails. Not only does he want to take what we had promised him, but whenever his help is needed now, he’ll demand an exorbitant fee. Even when nothing is wrong, he always likes to visit our major mines. Well, he calls them patrols, but we know that he has taken many good items away from us. Big Boss, you can tell Big Brother about such a person and have Big Brother find someone to kill him. Let’s not keep him any longer, he’s like a tumor!”

Zhong Nuannuan did not want to mention this person at all, so she did not even reply to Aiden.

At this moment, her head was racing trying to figure out a way to make the legitimate military and the rebels go to war in the shortest time possible.

Although she, Aiden, and Selina could each face 100 members of the Wute Organization’s mafia, there were 100,000 rebels in City B. No matter how powerful they were, the three of them could not kill 100,000 people or four of them with Chi Yang included!

As Zhong Nuannuan was getting stressed about how to rescue her Big Brother Chi Yang, someone suddenly knocked on the door.

Zhong Nuannuan hinted with her eyes, and Aiden went to open the door.

When the door opened, they saw Venato’s deputy outside, the lieutenant who was in the same car with her.

After the lieutenant entered the door, he nodded politely to Zhong Nuannuan. However, when he saw the broken tapping devices that had been thrown onto the table by Zhong Nuannuan, his gaze became obviously stagnant.

The tapping devices were simply placed on the table. Zhong Nuannuan did not even have the mood to hide them, so they were now displayed in front of the lieutenant in a glaring manner.

The lieutenant came over, put the dinner plate on the table, and said to Zhong Nuannuan, “Miss Q, this is the supper that the major general has ordered me to give you.”

Fearing that Zhong Nuannuan would misunderstand him, he added, “Don’t worry, I personally prepared this, it’s definitely not poisonous.”

This person was a super investor, and the other party was already obviously dissatisfied with Venato’s approach. If he were to unfortunately become the target of their dissatisfaction, what would happen to him?

After all, this big benefactor had more contacts than just Venato in Mustapha.

After hearing the lieutenant’s words, Zhong Nuannuan raised her eyebrows slightly and asked, “What is your name?”

The lieutenant had an upright figure, and he responded to Zhong Nuannuan in a respectful manner, “My name is Sanji, General Venato’s deputy.”

Zhong Nuannuan nodded, then went straight to the point. “If I have a way to have you replace Venato and sit in his place, will you betray him?”