My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 412

Chapter 412: Betrayal

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Sanji’s tiger-like body shuddered as a look of delight shot out from his eyes. He immediately nodded without any hesitation, “I will! I’ll betray him. Although, I’m betraying him not only because of the major general rank you promised me, but more of the fact that Venato is the traitor.”

Zhong Nuannuan raised an eyebrow. She had never imagined things to take another direction. Selina and Aiden, who were at the side, got excited as Aiden asked, “Do you have any evidence of this?”

Sanji shook his head. “If I had any evidence, I would have turned it in to the head of state immediately. I accidentally overheard him on the phone. The rebels had suddenly made an attack on B City because he had planned it. Their aim for this rebellion is not to assassinate the head of state nor take over Mustapha as their power is still too weak. Their aim is to scare the head of state into allowing them to develop B City.

“A major portion of land in B City faces the sea. This would make it easier for the rebels to smuggle firearms in. Moreover, it is quite near to Camino. As it is difficult to smuggle firearms from Camino, they had planned to make this place a transit for them.

“He will conduct a hit at the legitimate military during the battle to fill the head of state with a sense of dread. This way, they will have leverage to make a deal with the head of state. Once the head of state agrees for B City, especially the harbor, to be managed by rebels, he would have accomplished his goal.

“Not only would he be able to join the office and rise in ranks, but he would have also won himself the largest harbor in B City. As for the mines owned by both of you, he was planning to take the opportunity to grab it for himself. It’s killing three birds with one stone.

“As for Miss Q, he insisted on not attacking tonight because he was waiting for the shipment of firearms. With such a huge shipment, the rebels will be more invigorated and they would truly have the means to negotiate with the head of state. That is why I’m willing to betray Venato for the sake of Mustapha, because he is despicable, cunning, and blinded by greed.”

“So, that’s the reason,” Zhong Nuannuan nodded understandingly.

No wonder Venato knew a shipment of firearms was arriving from Camino. She had felt something was wrong before this, and sure enough, something was going on behind the scenes.

“I have no interest in listening to you wanting to give your country justice. All I want to know is how eager you are to take his place. After all, the more ambitious you are, the bigger your career, right?”

Sanji nodded as a look of confidence glowed in his eyes.

“I’m much more capable than Venato is, but internally, he has the backing of his family. Outside of that, he has your support, so as his subordinate, I feel suffocated. I don’t want to continue being this way. If there is a way for me to make my name, I’m willing to take a gamble even if it costs my life.”

Zhong Nuannuan laughed. “Is that so? That’s a relief for me. You shouldn’t worry though. Anyone who works with me will only gain and make no losses. I guarantee it won’t cost you your life. Besides, that shipment of firearms you mentioned? It won’t be tonight, much less tomorrow night. All you need to do is lend me 2000 members from the organization and let me quietly get the person I need to save out of B City.”

“Miss Q, actually, the 20 thousand men in C City are all my men! After I overheard their conversation, I used military exercise as an excuse to organize 20 thousand of my men to take control over C City in order to defend myself against any trouble Venato might cause me. As for Venato’s men, they will indeed only arrive tomorrow.”