My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 413

Chapter 413: Detain Him

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Zhong Nuannuan’s eyes lit up. “Do all these people obey you?”

“Yes, Miss Q, they obey me. Once I give the order, they will attack B City alongside me even without the order of the head of state.”

“Good. Detain Venato immediately.”

“Yes. That will not be a problem.”

Phoenix Pavilion was highly regarded in Mustapha. Sanji had never thought he had the chance to brown-nose the boss of Phoenix Pavilion. That was why he did not hesitate to comply even though he had yet to make any demands.

As a second-in-command, he was quite aware of how Phoenix Pavilion treated Venato. Phoenix Pavilion had always been very generous. The vastness of their wealth was unimaginable to a poor army man like him, who had to join the military because he came from a poor family. Many in Mustapha had accepted bribes from Phoenix Pavilion before. That was why he trusted this big boss, Q, would not be stingy with him after he had done a good job.

“May I ask who is the person Miss Q is trying to save?”

Even though Zhong Nuannuan had never explained her reason for being here, he came close to guessing why. After all, this was a mistress who did not lack money. Even though losing both mines would end cut their profit tremendously, but to Phoenix Pavilion, it was just a drop in the well. There was no need for this big boss to be here personally.

Zhong Nuannuan did not beat around the bush. “Camino’s Captain Chi Yang from the Jiang District military base and any of his subordinates from the special forces team that are still alive. I’m not sure exactly how many of them are there, but I want them to return to Camino in one piece. If all of them are able to safely get out, I’ll transfer the one billion USD I had promised to Venato to you.”

Sanji’s eyes immediately widened with resolution when he heard this.

One billion! USD!

Once he raised to the rank of major general, he would able to buy many people to his side with the money!

“Don’t worry, Miss Q. I will definitely complete this mission for you.”

Zhong Nuannuan approved of Sanji’s attitude immensely as she nodded. “Just call me Q as he does. There’s no need to stand on ceremonies out here.”


Sanji did not question Zhong Nuannuan on why such a prominent boss from Sab, who also came from a noble background from Luntan, would come all the way to Mustapha just to save an army officer from Camino. This seemed to be a little too much.

However, he also knew that once he was able to pull this off, which was not really difficult, it would spell a bright future for him.

He had not told Zhong Nuannuan that in truth, B City did not have 100 thousand rebel forces. He had heard from Venato that there was actually only 40 thousand rebels in B City, and out of these 40 thousand, only seven or eight thousand of them had weapons.

The reason why Venato was trying to buy time was to wait for the shipment to arrive.

However, now that the shipment was not arriving, 20 thousand of their troops could barge into B City and take them by surprise. They were more than enough to handle the rebels there.

Zhong Nuannuan had already thought of what Sanji was pondering.

It did not matter if B City had 100 thousand people or 200 thousand. Without weapons, they would not be a field army.

She had checked the firearms at Camino’s harbor and there had been enough for a few thousand people at most.

If a full ship of firearms was able to give rebels the courage to go against the legitimate military, it would mean that they were currently in terrible conditions.

Regardless, with Sanji’s help, not only could she save her Chi Yang, but she could even take over B City.

That was why she took note of Sanji’s help to her.

Sanji detained Venato in less than five minutes and brought him to Zhong Nuannuan’s room to await further instructions.

Venato looked at Zhong Nuannuan and later at Sanji. A split second later, he spat viciously, “Sanji, you ungrateful swine!”