My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 414

Chapter 414: Threat

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“I’m warning you. You’d better let me go or I’ll make sure you die a horrible death.”

However, Sanji ignored him and looked at Zhong Nuannuan. “Q, I’ve got him tied up here. Our people will assemble here in fifteen minutes.”

“Good,” Zhong Nuannuan nodded. She was extremely satisfied with Sanji’s actions.

“Q, what do you mean by this? Are you turning your back to me because I wasn’t willing to initiate an attack tonight? Don’t you forget that the Phoenix Pavilion has 28 huge mines and river beds in Mustapha that produces diamonds, golds, and numerous jades and precious rocks every year. If I’m not around, you can look forward to these mines being usurped! If you let me go, I’ll continue protecting these mines for you on account of the fact that you have given me support before.”

Even though this place was filled with Sanji’s people, and even though he held no cards in this situation, but he had gotten used to being the man on top. Even when he was kneeling, Venato still acted ferociously.

Zhong Nuannuan gave Aiden a look when Venato threatened her. Aiden turned on his phone and clicked the loudspeaker. The recorded voice of Venato and the rebel force could be heard making plans. There even a voice recording of his attempt to buy over the vice president and after successfully doing so, a recording of his preparations of going after the head of state.

Even though Sanji was unable to produce any evidence against Venato, Zhong Nuannuan and the others were hackers. Once Sanji was able to inform them of the time and location of Venato’s conversation with the vice president, they were able to extract the evidence from Venato’s phone.

Venato had thought that he had been able to hide all traces of the call. Now, his face was as pale as a sheet. He looked at Zhong Nuannuan as if she was a monster.

“You You How did you get all this? This is a set-up! This is absolutely a set-up! I’m gonna sue you! I’m gonna go to the head of state to sue you! The head of state will never believe all this nonsense of yours.”

Venato screamed this with everything he had, but Zhong Nuannaun acted infuriatingly laidback as she replied in a sweet, soft voice, “Do you think the head of state is some landlord’s stupid son?”

Venato, “”

“Do you remember when you were just a first lieutenant?”

“Even though I had never met you, we had spoken through voice message before. I warned you back then that I would ensure your rise through the ranks regardless of how lowly your status was, but in exchange, you would need to work for us, the Phoenix Pavilion. If I found out you had decided to double-cross me, I could still bring you down to hell from the highest cloud regardless of how high-ranking you became.”

When Venato heard this, he bent over to the front, as if his upright backbone had been struck viciously by a club.

Zhong Nuannuan sneered. “Looks like you’ve completely forgotten about what I’ve told you before. Venato, you’re but a major general. Even if you become the nation’s head of state, it’ll be just as easy for me to destroy you.”

Such domineering mannerism!

Aiden and Selina listened to her as their blood boiled with excitement.

Once upon a time, they had followed their big boss all around the world in style. They had witnessed countless moments of enemies kowtowing to the big boss with their high and mighty heads.

However, a big boss like this had one day suddenly decided to put on a school uniform to become a Year 3 senior. She had given up her gun and allowed herself to be targeted by a group of bad-intentioned students. Everyone had thought she was just putting up a performance as a good girl. No one had expected her to have the ambition to sit for the entrance exams of Camino’s best medical school!