My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 415

Chapter 415: I Was Wrong

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Not only did she aim to be a proper Year 3 senior student, but she had also wanted to become an excellent student and strive to pursue further education as an outstanding university student.

Putting aside Selina, who was blindly devoted to her big boss, anyone else who was aware of this would probably worship her as well.

Venato was now in an absolute panic as he quickly admitted his faults. “Q, I was wrong. Please let me off this time! If you let me off, I I’ll immediately inform those in B City to keep their hands off the Phoenix Pavilion’s mines, okay? I guarantee everything gotten from the Phoenix Pavilion mines will be untouched and that every item taken will be returned by the person who had taken them.”

Zhong Nuannuan sneered. “So, you thought you had robbed B City’s Phoenix Pavilion clean? Do you think the Phoenix Pavilion would be so stupid as to allow the existence of people like you, who rob the robbers?”

Venato, “”

“I’m a generous person. I believe in everyone profiting together in wealth, but the generosity I had extended to you did not mean that you were permitted to rob me. No one in this world dares touch anything I own.”

Naturally, it was impossible to ensure that none of her property would be touched. When she declared this, she had meant that anyone who dared lay a finger on her things would cease to exist in this world.

Venato started to tremble to the very core of his being. He stuttered a question he had always meant to ask, “General Nelson, he Was he killed by you?”

“He’s not worthy of our big boss showing her hand. He was killed by me,” Selina said from behind. She was dressed like an adorable little doll, but the words coming from her mouth sounded quite devastating.

No wonder!

Venato had felt something fishy about General Nelson’s death. Now that he thought back about it, General Nelson’s death was connected to his greed for wealth; it felt like he had fanatically claimed what had belonged to Phoenix Pavilion as his own. This had prompted Venato to ask the question.

However, Venato had scared himself silly with the question.

Selina soon added a further explanation. “It was only after his death that we extended you our support.”

Venato, “!!!”

Why had they not mentioned this earlier? If they had, he would never have done anything so out of line even if he had been pumped up a hundred times with courage!

Sanji might have been listening with a stoic expression on the side, but he was feeling extremely shocked within.

This group of people was completely inhumane!

He immediately gave himself a stern warning. He would do his best to stay in Q’s good books and would never betray her. He would give his all for everything she wanted, otherwise, he might end up dead without even realizing it.

“Sanji, give the head of state a call and have him listen to these recording. Tell him that you have detained the traitor and will make preparations to attack B City immediately. If you hesitate, it will be difficult to win this battle once the enemy’s firearms arrive.”

Sanji’s eyes brightened slightly. How did such a good thing as capturing the traitor and earning such great merit fall into his lap?

Sanji collected himself as he pushed the gun barrel against Venato’s temple. “What is the number of the head of state?”

Zhong Nuannuan, “”

Aiden, “”

Selina, “”

“If you let me go, I’ll tell you.”


Venato saw Zhong Nuannuan’s sneer and felt a chill go through him. To be honest, he was now most afraid of hearing this woman’s laugh.

Zhong Nuannuan’s sexy tone rang out the sentence that Venato least wanted to hear

“I have it.”

With that, she passed the head of state’s number to Sanji.

Venato’s eyes widened, “You How did you get the personal number of our head of state?”

“Do you think I placed all my hopes on you alone in the whole of Mustapha?”