My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 416

Chapter 416: Death To Them

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Venato felt like all the strength within him had been sucked dry when he heard this.

So, this woman had not only conspired with him. Damn it, she was even conspiring with the head of state.

This thought actually made sense. With ownership of such massive property, how could she blatantly monopolize such a vast range of mines without the protection of the head of state?

As he watched Sanji make the call and the head of state pick up, Venato went weak as he fell to the ground.

He originally came from a powerful background, but had always suffered setbacks because other powerful opposition that had pushed him into becoming a powerless first lieutenant. It was only after the Phoenix Pavilion had approached him and built connections for him that he managed to rise up the ranks over the last few years, eventually going from a first lieutenant to a major general.

He had given his all to work for the Phoenix Pavilion in the beginning, but the more his power grew, the less regard he had for this enterprise that was nothing but an outsider.

He realized how wrong he had been now that he thought back about it.

The head of state initially did not believe Sanji’s words. It was only after Sanji let him listen to the voice recording of Venato conspiring with the rebel forces and the vice president that the head of state was finally enraged. He immediately promoted Sanji to the position of major general over the phone and ordered him to lead 20 thousand of their military men for a midnight ambush on B City.

Sanji had enough firepower on his side. Even though his men were only half the number of rebels within B City, but the enemy had less than 7000 people with firearms.

That was why when Zhong Nuannuan and the others arrived in B City and witnessed the opposing rebel forces, all they had was contempt in their eyes.

What the hell. They were nothing but a bunch of low-grade motley crew, yet they wanted to take out her Big Brother Chi Yang.

They deserved to die!

The opposition forces did not expect for the legitimate military to ambush them so suddenly. After all, Venato had gotten in touch with them covertly one hour ago. He told them to immediately attack A City after getting their hands on the firearms and catch A City by surprise. Once they had successfully taken over A and B City, they would have a dialogue with the head of state and initiate a willingness to take a step back. This way, they would eventually get their hands on the right to manage B City’s harbor.

However, why did the legitimate military attack them first via C City before their firearms had arrived?

What was happening right now?

To be honest, the rebel forces’ real aim was to assassinate and kill the military men from Camino and capture the captain of the special forces team alive. They had no intention of really going up against the legitimate military.

To put it plainly, they were f*cking putting up a show, and acting out a scene while getting their payday at the same time!

However, the leader of the rebel forces was stunned as he watched the legitimate military push them into a corner.

Where was the promise of just a show?

They were supposed to act out a scene to make the lead character look good, right?

Why were they being attacked?

Their weapons had not even arrived!

None of the lethal ammunition had arrived. How could they fight the legitimate military using these lousy heavy guns that were no different from a millet rifle?

At that moment, the leader of the rebel forces knew that he had either been played by Venato, or Venato had been taken down. With that, he made an immediate decision as he held on to a booming loudspeaker and shouted with all his might at the armored tankers moving in, “We surrender! We surrender! We’re surrendering! We’re immediately surrendering! This is a misunderstanding! It’s all a misunderstanding! There have been no wounded or casualties within B City’s military. They have been treated well and humanely!”

Sanji looked at Zhong Nuannuan while inside the armored tank and asked, “Q, they’re offering an immediate surrender. Do we need to send men to capture prisoners of war?”