My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 417

Chapter 417: Comedy Troupe

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Sanji knew that this was an easy fight, but he had never expected this bunch of rebel forces to have such low standards. They had only killed a little more than a thousand of their men and the enemy’s boss had completely given up on defending themselves.

Zhong Nuannuan grunted coldly.

“Such a bunch of lowlife rats were actually planning on becoming rebel forces and taking down the head of state. Are they a comedy troupe sent by monkeys?”

She had initially thought this bunch of people were nothing but a low life group. Now, these same bunch of people looked to be even worse than low lifes.

Zhong Nuannuan stared ahead, her gentle, beautiful face shining under the dim illumination of the moonlight. It was a picture of serenity and beauty.

“Allow them to surrender and it will be a victory without a fight. That would mean credit to the head of state because it shows that he has a powerful reputation. However, if you kill them all, it would mean that you went through a difficult battle and had to exterminate all rebel forces. At the same time, it would serve as a warning to other rebel forces within Mustapha. You can decide for yourself what sort of credit you’d like to establish. I won’t force your decision.”

Sanji had been admiring Zhong Nuannuan’s beautiful profile when he suddenly heard her words. A chill went through him as he suddenly started sweating.

His mother was right. The more beautiful a woman appeared, the more vicious she was.

His mother had always told him since young to never fall in love with a beautiful woman because they were all made of poison.

Q was lethally beautiful; In fact, she was extremely venomous!

Sanji cleared his throat to give his men the order, “Exterminate them all!”

A good-looking smile appeared on Zhong Nuannuan’s lips when she heard the order.

To hell with everyone. How dare they have bad intentions towards her Big Brother Chi Yang. It would be a sorry night for her if she did not kill them all after coming all this way!

Absolute compliance was not only the bound duty of Camino’s military, but also the bound duty of military men the world over.

Mustapha was often in a state of political turbulence and had more than one group of rebel forces. From the looks of the leader just now, he would at most be the third-ranking rebel force with the power of a field army. Exterminating them would send a huge warning to the other two groups of rebel forces.

Sanji would never admit that he had killed these people because of his selfish intentions of getting credit for completing a major task. After all, if these people were not killed, it would be the people who would suffer.

When Sanji credited this slaughter to saving the people from extreme danger, the burden of guilt in his heart and that smudge of soft-heartedness for the deaths immediately disappeared into thin air.

Zhong Nuannuan stood next to Sanji as she continued staring into the distance, observing the battle.

Sanji stared ahead as Aiden and Selina used their binoculars while Zhong Nuannuan watched quietly, like a gentle light from the moon. He thought she was pretending to look cool, even though she was indeed very cool, as she watched this bloodshed with such a serene look on her face. It made her look even cooler. She was the coolest person he had ever met.

And she was a woman!

What he did not know, however, was that Zhong Nuannuan was observing every corner of the battle seriously. She was even using X-ray vision to look clearly into far-off places that the binoculars could not reach.

She was no white lotus, nor was she a saint. Before returning to the Zhong family to be with her family, she was the top-ranked mercenary in the world. She was a 3S grade mercenary wanted by militaries all over the world.

That was why she had no sympathy for these rebel forces even while watching their bodies litter the ground.

Putting aside the fact that these forces were intentionally harming the people in order to gain political power, their intentions of harming her Big Brother Chi Yang alone were enough for her to condemn them to hell.