My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 419

Chapter 419: Surprise

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Both enemy forces noticed this about them, and took their time with the fight, planning to simply wear them down over time.

They wanted to wait for the death of the entire special forces unit. Even if Chi Yang had extra limbs, he would not be able to escape once surrounded.

The special forces team was fast approaching the end of their rope.

“Attack! Kill every one of them at the outer circle! Leave none alive!”

“Yes.” Sanji immediately gave the order through his walkie-talkie.

As the order was given, the helicopters arrived above the outer circle made up of the rebel forces.

The rebel forces thought it was Venato’s arrival

When they heard the sound of the helicopter, they did not attack immediately, but instead looked up towards the sky instead to await orders from Venato.

As the 10 combat helicopters fired at them without mercy, everyone in the group stood stunned.

They had shielded B City’s internet and all communication networks and signals in order to stop Chi Yang and the others from transmitting any information. This had directly resulted in them being totally unaware of the legitimate military coming in for the attack from ten kilometers away.

In this place that was void of communication, the helicopters descending from the sky had not brought them any news of the end of their war, but was instead now slaughtering them.

The guns in the hands of these people were not advanced weapons, but were rejected products. Now that the helicopters were coming after them with a hail of bullets, those who were quick hugged their heads and made a cowardly escape while those who were too slow to react were killed on the spot.

Those from Wute Organization saw that something was not right and tried to escape as well.

However, Zhong Nuannuan immediately gave the order.

“No one let any of the mafia members escape.”

Sanji immediately ordered the jungle combat vehicles to surround these black-clothed men from all directions, with bullets screaming across the area whenever someone was spotted.

The Wute Organization realized quickly that they were being surrounded and had no way of escaping. Thus, the only left thing left to do was to escape towards the mountains as Chi Yang did.

The Camino special force team was already at their wits’ end when they spotted back up approaching. At that moment, it was like everyone had been given a shot of stamina. They did not allow the Wute Organization any opportunity to escape and beat up anyone they could catch.

“Give me the gun.”

Sanji passed the gun over to Zhong Nuannuan mindlessly.

He was tempted to as the question Do you know how to use it?

He also wanted to ask If you really know how, you do understand that it is impossible to shoot from this far away, right? After all, this was not a sniper rifle and they were on a helicopter.

However, he swallowed those words after a thought.

Even though the gun was not as useful as a sniper rifle, but it was still capable of blowing up heads from long range.

What if this woman was capable of steadily standing on the helicopter and shooting from such a long distance?


A bullet was fired and the head of a mafia member exploded like a watermelon.

Sanji, “!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sanji, “!!!”

It was a really long distance and the combat helicopter was constantly moving unsteadily, but now Zhong Nuannuan had the gun in her hand, and every time she pulled the trigger, a mafia member would fall.

There was no exception. Every one of their heads exploded.

This was especially so for those surrounding and fighting Chi Yang. Every time someone moved even slightly or posed a threat to Chi Yang, his fate would be that of an exploding head.

Chi Yang had initially thought it was Leng Jinpeng who had sent forces when he realized that someone was helping him. He was even thinking of recruiting the young man who was such a precise sniper when they got back.

However, when he raised his head to glance at the helicopter and saw the figure in question, Chi Yang’s heart nearly jumped into his mouth.