My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 421

Chapter 421: The Powerful Woman

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“We’re from Yamato. We surrender!”

Sanji frowned. He looked at Zhong Nuannuan. “Q, they are from Yamato.”


As she was answering him, she shot another head with a bang.

“Stop! Didn’t we say to stop?”

One of the men in black yelled in shoddy Luntanese language.

“Bang bang bang.”

Three more people who were kneeling beside the man who yelled collapsed.

The others who saw that things were not going their way tried to run, but in the end, “Bang bang bang bang.”

Anyone who stood up got shot. The mafias were so scared they could only press themselves to the ground while covering their heads.

Sanji said helplessly, “Yamato and Sab have always had good relations. If the people from Yamato died on our land, and there’ll be trouble in Sab, I’m afraid that even the head of state”

Sanji wanted to say that even the head of state would not be able to do anything. He finally got two special achievements, and it would be fine if he could stop Yamato from reacting badly. However, if not, he might lose his head.

“What do you mean they’re from Yamato? They’re just irrelevant people from the mafia. They won’t be missed even if they die. Don’t worry. I promise no one will cause trouble for your country.”

“…” Sanji looked at Zhong Nuannuan in shock.

Was there anything this woman could not do?

Yamato valued its people. So many people died today. Even if it was just one person, the head of state of Mustapha would need to make an official statement.

This woman was manipulating the authority of Mustapha. What would she do to make Yamato remain silent.

Never mind. A minor character like him would not understand this kind of thing.

Phoenix Pavilion was the biggest mining company in Mustapha, but this did not mean they had a lot of mines. There were a lot of people with more mines than them. However, these people’s mines either produced less or were completely empty.

Thus, people did not like to mine in Mustapha. They thought that Mustapha’s land was barren.

However, this woman’s Phoenix Pavilion had unlimited gems to be discovered around every corner.

She was not worried that something would go wrong with these extremely wealthy things, so he should not worry that Sab would cause trouble for Mustapha nor worry about the head of state blaming him for it.

With that, he decided he would follow this woman whole-heartedly.

When he thought about this, his attitude changed and he was being very courteous.

“Sure. I’ll do everything according to your orders.”

Zhong Nuannuan and her gang were satisfied with Sanji’s attitude. So, they started shooting the people below like they were playing with monkeys.

The remaining mafia members were furious. They rolled toward the directions of rocks and wanted to fight back.

While they were getting ready to fight, they were yelling in R-rated language. “B*stards! B*stards! We said we don’t want to fight anymore! What do you still want? This is going overboard!”

Zhong Nuannuan aimed at the man who called her a bastard. Before she could shoot, that person’s mouth was strcuk by a bullet.

Zhong Nuannuan almost could not hold in her laughter.

Because the person who swore at her was shot by her Big Brother Chi Yang.

When the other guy saw his friend being shot, he started aiming in Chi Yang’s direction. However, he was shot in the head by Zhong Nuannuan.

Chi Yang walked to the guy who scolded Zhong Nuannuan and said in Yamato language while towering over him, “Do you think we’ll stop just because you said so? Did you think about sparing the lives of the Camino soldiers when you tried to kill us?”