My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 422

Chapter 422: It Would Be Better If They Died

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“You said not to fight and now we’re going overboard because we’re still fighting? Then what do you call it when you people tried to kill us? Look at you guys. You started screaming because you can’t win. Aren’t you being lowly and cheap now?”

After he said that, he turned around and said to one of the special forces members, “Capture the remaining people.”

There were less than ten mafia members left. When they heard that they were being captured to be interrogated by Camino soldiers, they felt joy.

After all, if they were going to be captured, they would be able to go back to Yamato alive.

However, as they were feeling this joy, “Bang bang bang bang!”

The four shots did not stop. Zhong Nuannuan shot the person who called her a bastard on both of his wrists and kneecaps.

After all, who told him to call her a bastard?

A hysteric scream rang out. Sanji could hear him despite the loud whirring of the helicopter blades. Then, his scalp started to feel numb.

This woman could not only land headshots on people, she could also shoot such a tiny target. She was able to smash someone’s kneecap and hit the nerves on someone’s wrists from such a distance.

Selina and Aiden looked at Zhong Nuannuan in adoration. They were not able to do that.

They could not do that no matter how much they practiced.

On this shaky helicopter that was more than 80 meters above ground, headshots were their limit. Kneecaps and wrists were too small; They had difficulty seeing them, let alone aiming at them while moving.

It was as if Chi Yang was thinking the same thing as Zhong Nuannuan. He yelled, “Why are you still standing there? Capture them, now!”

Then, the special forces captured all of the people angrily and walked out after Chi Yang.

The mafia members who were still alive because they had been hiding behind cover were pulled out by the special forces soldiers one by one. Now, they were back in Zhong Nuannuan’s vision.

Immediately, Zhong Nuannuan shot four times at each of them who appeared.

‘Go ahead, try to kill my man!

You think you’ll be able to go back to Yamato to start a new life after being interrogated by Camino?

Don’t even think about it!

Even if the interrogation ended and you’re sent back to Yamato, I’ll make sure you go back there in a casket!’

The remaining thugs were screaming non-stop. Since they did not know who Zhong Nuannuan was, they could only curse at Chi Yang and the soldiers from Camino.

Especially the two leaders. They were cursing extremely crudely.

They were the ones provoking and slaughtering the soldiers of Camino. However, they were acting like they were the victims, and as if the soldiers of Camino owed them. They cursed and swore loudly, feeling absolutely no shame nor regret for the fact that they had failed their missions.

These people would not be useful civilians even if Zhong Nuannuan decided to spare them. They were all heinous criminals. Naturally, Zhong Nuannuan would not tolerate these kinds of people.

She aimed at the two of them and pulled the trigger. Their mouths were destroyed by the bullets.

The rest of them who could speak shut up immediately after seeing what happened.

However, in the next second, three shots were fired again.

The two who got their mouths destroyed by Zhong Nuannuan and the other guy whose mouth was destroyed by Chi Yang were all shot in the head.

Zhong Nuannuan’s message was simple.

They wanted to bring these people back to be sentenced. Now that their limbs and mouths were useless, what use would they have?

It would be better if they just died!

On the other hand, the special forces soldiers did not feel sad when they saw that the mafias were dead. After all, this woman was the one who saved their lives.