My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 423

Chapter 423: Who Is She?

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The soldiers threw these people on the floor like garbage when they saw that they could not be saved.

At this moment, the rebels had been completely wiped out by the military. None of them survived.

When Chi Yang and his people got down the mountain, they found Sanji waiting for them with a few military officers from Mustapha.

When Chi Yang saw that Sanji was the leader, he almost could not control his facial expression.

After all, they did not get the approval when they snuck into Mustapha after they got the news that Viper was trading firearms in B City of Mustapha. They wanted to do it fast and they did not want to alert the criminals.

Despite Leng Jinpeng reporting this to upper management and making a deal with Mustapha, as the leader of the special forces, Chi Yang still felt sorry when facing the other country’s military officers.

When he saw Sanji, Chi Yang’s expressions softened.

Before he could greet the other party, Sanji greeted him with a smile on his face.

“Leader Chi, hello! I’m the commander-in-chief of this operation, Major General Sanji.”

“Major General Sanji, thank you for helping us during our time of trouble.”

Even though Sanji was not one of the major generals he was familiar with, Chi Yang was still nice to Sanji. After all, if Sanji did not show up, even if he could make it out alive, his soldiers would all have died here.

Thus, Chi Yang and his soldiers were grateful to Sanji.

Sanji replied courteously, “It’s the least I could do. I’m happy to help.”

He was so happy.

Not only did he finally surpass Venato and gotten his position, but he also used him as a springboard to wipe out the rebels that were troubling the head of state. He successfully intimidated the opposition and at the same time, caught the undiscovered traitor for the head of state.

None of the major generals in Mustapha were able to achieve what he had achieved.

However, as Chi Yang was talking to Sanji, his eyes wandered behind Sanji.

He was dispirited when he could not spot the woman who had helped him.

“General Sanji, there was a 20 something woman in the helicopter who helped us kill most of the mafia members. Where is she now? I want to personally thank her.”

When Sanji saw that Chi Yang was clueless about the woman’s identity, he felt resentful toward Chi Yang for failing to meet his expectations. At the same time, he felt envious.

He was liked by such an amazing woman and he did not know who she even was?

What a stupid soldier!

Sanji reckoned that if he was Chi Yang and he knew Q liked him, he would risk his life to be with Q,

Looking at Chi Yang’s confused face, Sanji could only answer, “Leader Chi, they already left.”

“Left?” Chi Yang asked while frowning. “Why?”

“They left after the deed was done, naturally.”

“Who is she? Why did she save me?”

Sanji smiled and said, “Leader Chi, you’ve misunderstood. She did not come here just to save you. She has beef with our vice president. When she discovered that the vice president was in cahoots with Major General Venato and was trying to use the rebels to steal our power, she showed the evidence of them working together to the head of state. The head of the state was furious and asked me to arrest Venato before promoting me to major general so that I could take over B City that very night.