My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 424

Chapter 424: Global Senior Officer Pass

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“Before this, I was just an aide-de-camp for Venato. I was not that competent in leading an army, so she said she’d help me. We only notice what was happening with you guys once we got to B City.”

As per Zhong Nuannuan’s orders, Sanji explained what was going on clearly.

Everything happened because Q had beef with the vice president. Also, saving the soldiers of Camino was a side-mission that had only occured because she just so happened to be around.

However, as a general, it was a big mistake to tell the scandals of his own country to a senior military officer of another country.

Chi Yang did not ask any more questions when he saw that Sanji was not planning to tell him the truth.

“Which ambassador was responsible for contacting you guys?”

After all, they came into the country illegally. Even if the military of Mustapha had helped them, they still needed to find the ambassador to thank them for the aid.

“There are no ambassadors. We just ran into you guys by chance.”

Chi Yang frowned. “If no one contacted Mustapha, how do you know I’m from Camino? How do you know I’m the leader of the special forces?”

“I had no idea. When my people planned to wipe out everyone, that woman noticed you and told me your identity.”

“So Camino did not send people to Mustapha?”

“Yes. They did not.”

Chi Yang pondered for a while, even if Leng Jinpeng was the one who reported this immediately, with the attitude of the people in charge, aid would only arrive two days later at the earliest. Hence, he could be sure that Sanji was telling the truth.

“So, we’re just lucky?”

Sanji nodded. “Yes.”

“Regardless, we still have to thank you. We shouldn’t come into your country illegally without telling you. I wonder When is the head of the state free? I’m so sorry for entering your territory presumptuously. I will explain myself to the head of state personally.”

Sanji was shocked. He thought, ‘You’re just a captain. Your rank is the same as mine before I got my promotion. Even though Camino is more powerful than Mustapha, you do not have the qualifications to meet the head of state if you’re just a captain. How thick-skinned are you?’

After Chi Yang finished talking, he took out a pass from his pocket and showed it to Sanji.

When Sanji saw this, his eyes almost fell out of his head.

This was a secret pass. It was known as a Global Senior Officer Pass.

This pass was only given out to people with special privileges. If one had this pass, they would be able to meet not only the head of state of Mustapha, they could even meet the president of Sab if they so wished.

However, this pass was usually given out to anti-terrorism leaders or officers with the rank of admiral. Venato did not even have this back then. In Mustapha, only the most powerful admiral had this pass.

There was only one in the entire country!

He was just a captain. How did he get the Global Senior Officer Pass?

At that moment, Sanji looked at Chi Yang in adoration.

This was indeed the man Q was after.

He was so excellent at such a young age. Sanji wondered who this person was.

Sanji returned the pass to Chi Yang and said, “If you insist on explaining this operation to the head of state, I can make an appointment for you. However, he did not know about you people coming in. I’m the only one who knows that you people came here illegally. If you think it’s too troublesome, it’s fine if you don’t tell him about this as I won’t mention it to him either.”