My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 425

Chapter 425: Rebels From Camino

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Chi Yang was stunned. He did not expect the head of state to not know about this.

Also, General Sanji offered to help them keep this a secret!

Under normal circumstances, they would need to offer something to shut their mouths, with this normally coming in the form of a monetary bribe.

However, Sanji did not even know him but was ready to keep this a secret.

At that moment, Chi Yang remembered that demon-like woman.

For some reason, he felt that she must be the one helping him.

Immediately, for some reason, Chi Yang no longer felt like he was indebted to Sanji.

This was a weird feeling. He did not even know why.

“If that was the case, I won’t disturb the head of state. Do we need to do any paperwork or procedures?”

Chi Yang looked at the remaining members of the mafia and asked.

After all, Mustapha and Yamato were allies. They killed so many Yamato people here. If this was the case, Mustapha might not be able to offer an appropriate explanation.


Chi Yang saw that Sanji was confused and explained, “Them.”

Sanji was surprised. “Who are they? What people? Are they not the rebels from Camino who escaped here?”

The surviving members of Yamato’s mafia, “…! When did we become rebels from Camino? Idiots!”

The special forces from Camino snarled, “…! The major general is so dramatic. We bow down to him.”

In the end, Chi Yang and his men got onto the ship to return to Camino under the shocked gazes of the Yamato mafia and the protection of the army from Mustapha.

There was no signal throughout the entirety of B City. Chi Yang could not contact Leng Jinpeng.

When he got onto the ship, he realized that the signal Sanji had arranged for them was completely blocked.

Chi Yang, who wanted to contact Leng Jinpeng and Zhong Nuannuan, was speechless.

On the other end, Leng Jinpeng had learned that the mission to stop the illegal trade of firearms was a trap. It was a trap that the rebels from Mustapha and Viper Organization had set for Chi Yang. Leng Jinpeng was so frantic that he almost started to foam from the mouth.

If Zhong Nuannuan had not performed thread embedding for him, he might have just collapsed from his panic attack.

It was 10 at night and the phone was still ringing.

At this moment, the phone rang again. Leng Jinpeng picked up the phone while suppressing the anger in his heart, “Hello?”

“Jinpeng? This is Ning Haoran.”

“Hello, Admiral Ning. How did it go? Did you manage to get in touch with the general?”

“Oh, you’re talking about Chi Yang, right? I heard it all from Wen Qi. Um Jinpeng, you know Shi Family and Chi Family have beef. They’re trying to keep this in the dark, so it won’t be right for me to interfere, right?”

“Ning Haoran, stop talking in official jargon with me!” When Leng Jinpeng heard this, he was furious.

“Eh, I’m explaining this to you, aren’t I? How is this talking in official jargon?”

“Tell me. Are you planning to report this or are you planning on doing nothing?”

“Jinpeng, I told you, what can I do when the Shi Family is trying to keep this under wraps? I’m in a very tough position here!”

“Hmph.” Leng Jinpeng scoffed. “Are you hoping for Ning Wenhao to die out there?”

“Hey! Ning Wenhao is still my nephew. Why would I want him to die? Don’t spew nonsense!”

“Let me tell you, I don’t know what you’re planning right now, but don’t forget, Ning Wenhao is not the only one on this mission right now, Chi Yang is there as well. If something happens to Chi Yang, who knows what the old marshal will say to the president.”