My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 426

Chapter 426: The Ship Loaded With Firearms

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Leng Jinpeng slammed the phone shut.

After he hung up, the phone rang again. He thought the Ning Family had called again after hearing his threat, so Leng Jinpeng yelled furiously into the phone, “Let me tell you, the old master is getting old. I won’t tell him anything and add more to his plate. So, I’ll give you 15 more minutes. Either you get me the pass, or I’ll take my men and charge into Mustapha! Ning Haoran, let me tell you this, when Mustapha declares war with our country, I’m sure I won’t be able to handle it alone. Therefore, I’ll drag you into this even if it cost me my life. Let me tell you again, if I can’t get the Shi Family, I’ll f*cking get you! I’ll look you in the eyes while I do it!”


“I don’t have the energy to drag both the Shi Family and Ning Family down. If the Shi Family is courting disaster, the old master will report immediately to the central authorities. I don’t care how they end up, so I’ll gladly drag the Shi Family down. I’ll target you and only you; I’ll make your life a living hell. Even if I can’t, I’ll do everything to pull you down from your current position. Do you f*cking believe me?”

Leng Jineng put on a stern and strict attitude when he was the instructor of the special forces. He yelled into the phone and he did not give the other party the opportunity to speak.

After a long while, the person on the other side of the phone asked, “I assume you were speaking to Ning Haoran the entire time just now. Did he not want to tell me this?”

At this moment, Leng Jinpeng finally heard his voice clearly. “General?”

“Yes.” Nangong Shu confirmed, then he asked, “I knew about this. This time you people were the ones at fault.”

After Leng Jinpeng heard Nangong Shu’s voice, he suppressed his anger.

“General, I was the one at fault for this incident. I was the one who asked Chi Yang and the men to march right into the danger zone. I am ready to take full responsibility for this.”

“Let’s talk about this later. Chi Yang is in B City in Mustapha now, right?”


“I just got the news. B City has been taken over by the rebels. I believe the head of the state of Mustapha will take appropriate emergency measures. I called them before and asked if they needed Camino’s aid. I proposed that they took action as soon as possible. When they take action, we can simultaneously save Chi Yang through this operation. This way, we can prevent alerting Mustapha’s head.”

Leng Jinpeng’s eyes brightened. “Yes, =General. There’s something else I have to report to you.”

“Tell me.”

“We stopped a ship that was loaded with firearms in the dock tonight”