My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 427

Chapter 427: I Cant Let Anything Happen To Chi Yang

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“Initially, Chi Yang was going after this batch of firearms and he’d tracked the origin of the firearms using the clues he discovered. However, they got there too early. Eventually, these firearms were stopped by the military. There are a total of 10 containers full of firearms.”

When Nangong Shu heard Leng Jinpeng’s news, he could not help but take a deep breath.

“Adding in the two containers of goods you confiscated in the warehouse last time out, this means you’ve halted a total of 12 containers of firearms from being distributed!”


“Good job.”

Leng Jinpeng was feeling good after getting validation from the general. So, he requested, “So, General, please don’t worry about Chi Yang.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll try my best to help Chi Yang. Even if I don’t care about you, he’s the old admiral’s only grandson. You don’t have to be too worried. With Chi Yang’s ability, it won’t be difficult for him to escape from danger.”

“However, with his personality, I’m scared he might lose his chance to escape as a result of trying to save his men.”

Nangong Shu fell silent after hearing this. Chi Yang would definitely do something like this.

“Okay, I’ll stop chatting with you. I’m going to get in touch with the people from Mustapha.”

“Thank you, General!”

After he hung up the call, Leng Jinpeng finally calmed down slightly.

Two minutes later, the phone rang again. Leng Jinpeng picked it up immediately.


“Hello, Old Man Leng. Um I called the general just now, but his secretary was the one who picked up. I’m risking offending the Shi Family”

“The general called me just now.”

“Ah? What? Hello? Hello?” Ning Haoran was shocked. He was about to ask more questions, but Leng Jinpeng had already hung up the phone.

The phone rang again. This time, it was from Nangong Shu. Leng Jinpeng asked impatiently, “How is it? Can we provide aid to them?”

“The latest news in Mustapha is that the rebels in B City have been totally wiped out. Major General Venato and Vice President Badu who tried to take part in the elimination of the rebels were the leaders of the rebel army. However, while they were plotting this, Venato’s assistant, Sanji found out about this, so he decided to join up with the head of state and deployed their army just in time. Not only did they eliminate the rebels, but they also caught Venato. In the meantime, Badu is on house arrest as ordered by the head of state.”

“What about Chi Yang?” Leng Jinpeng did not care about these gnats. He only cared about Chi Yang.

“Chi Yang is in B City. If the rebels had been wiped out, Chi Yang will not be so stressed. Even if they’re outnumbered by the mafia, with Chi Yang’s ability, I believe he can take care of it. So, you have two choices now.

“Number one, I can authorize you to get in touch with the newly appointed General Sanji. You can join forces with Mustapha to save Chi Yang. However, you might get the corresponding punishment. After all, our special forces were endangered because of your strategy department failing to obtain proper information. Number two, trust Chi Yang, and wait patiently; Wait for him to come back with the special forces.”

“I’m going to say number one.” Leng Jinpeng chose the first proposal without hesitating.

Leng Jinpeng continued after sensing the other party’s silence, “It’s fine if I am punished. I can’t let anything happen to Chi Yang.”

“Okay then.”