My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 428

Chapter 428: Fishy

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Nangong Shu replied in regret, “After you get in touch with L Country, and they contact us, I’ll take care of you publicly. Even though I’ll go easy on you, you should know that the Shi Family is growing more powerful by the day. If they decide to take this and run with it”

“General, I’m happy that you’re willing to help Chi Yang. The strategy department is indeed at fault. It’s all my fault. So, as long as Chi Yang comes back safely, I’ll be willing to accept any punishment the president wants to impose on me. I’ll also stop Chi Yang when that happens. I won’t let him cause trouble for you.”

“Okay. Then please jot down General Sanji’s number and get in touch with him.”

“Alright, thank you, General.”

After he hung up the phone, Leng Jinpeng did not waste any time calling Sanji.

At this moment, Sanji had returned to the headquarters of the commander-in-chief. After some tinkering, he got the phone there to work.

When he heard that the call was from Chi Yang’s superior, the commanding officer of the military base in Jiang City, Sanji’s arrogant attitude changed completely.

After kicking everyone out of the commander-in-chief’s office, Sanji said, “Commander-in-chief Leng, don’t worry. Chi Yang and his men are fine. Three of them are hurt pretty badly, but I already asked the doctor to have a look at them and bandage them up. They’ll be fine after some rest. As for Leader Chi, he’s amazing. He’s not hurt at all after being surrounded by so many people. His strength was impressive; Camino’s army is powerful indeed!”

After Leng Jinpeng made the call, he told the other party his name and was about to promise them numerous benefits so that the other party would help him. However, the other party started rattling off and told him everything about his special forces before he could say a word.

“Oh right, since the communication and internet service in the entire B City was down, Leader Chi could not get in touch with you when he left. Since you called me, Leader Chi asked me to tell you that he and his men are all fine. So please don’t worry.”

When Leng Jinpeng heard that Chi Yang and his men were safe and sound and were on their way back, his dangling heart finally settled down. He thanked Sanji repeatedly.

Sanji immediately replied, “No need! No need!” After all, the person most responsible for this was his employer. He only got to where he was because of his employer.

“General Sanji, we were clumsy. The Camino military will surely compensate you.”

“No need! Really!” Sanji quickly rejected the idea.

Then, he said in a small voice, “The head of state did not know that Leader Chi was in B City. Now that he has left, just pretend that none of this ever happened. It’ll be much more convenient for everyone.”

Leng Jinpeng, “…”

Leng Jinpeng had been a military officer for a long time and had shared relations with all kinds of people from different countries. Despite this, this was the first time he had met such an honest and straightforward general.

Not only did he save Chi Yang and allow him to return safely, he did not even want any form of compensation from Camino. Even better, he had helped them dodge a bullet!

Why did he feel that something was wrong with this free lunch?

“I’m sorry, I have to ask, you’re General Sanji, right?”

Sanji, “…”

Leng Jinpeng was not paranoid, but why did this look and sound so fishy?

Even though Mustapha and Camino were neighboring countries, Mustapha was loyal to Sab.