My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 431

Chapter 431: Heartache

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This was because when he looked up and spotted her, before he noticed her disguised look, she had already observed his seemingly calm, yet actually flabbergasted expression.

The moment he saw her, he was disappointed, surprised, and bewildered Although he still had that solemn expression, she could see his various emotions hidden under that serious-looking face.

Therefore, she immediately retreated, asked Sanji to hold Chi Yang off for at least an hour, and then hurried back to the country via private jet.

Although the flight route was different from the sea route and required some detours, it was much faster. An hour was more than enough time for her to fly back to Camino.

Moreover, there was no signal in City B, and the service in the ferry she asked Sanji to board them on was also blocked. Therefore, when Chi Yang called her, they should have only just entered the territorial waters of Camino.

In her previous life, Chi Yang did not know about her true identity up until her death. Even if he did, he only knew that she had been sold to a mercenary organization and became a mercenary when she was young; he did not know about her specific identity.

In this life, she had never thought of hiding the truth from him forever, but at this point they had only just begun their journey, and they had not even gone to get their marriage certificate yet, so…

She decided to wait until she had obtained the certificate with Chi Yang before slowly revealing her occupation to him. By then, all the certificates would have been obtained, and could no longer be undone. Even if there was a major problem with her identity, Chi Yang would definitely not divorce her.

Inexplicably, Zhong Nuannuan had the feeling that she was committing marital fraud.

Forget it, she would just delay the news for as long as she could.

She was not so worried about this matter. On one hand, she believed that she had destroyed her identity completely, and on the other hand, she believed that Big Brother Chi Yang would not separate from her because of such a small matter.

Chi Yang hung up the phone, and could not stop the faint smile from appearing on his lips.

It seemed that he had overthought his lazy kitty was still sleeping at home.How could such a cute little kitty be the same person as the woman with the cold gaze on the helicopter?

However, whenever he thought of the woman’s eyes, Chi Yang would always feel a slight sting in his heart, which made him very upset.

She was clearly someone who was irrelevant to him, so why would his heart ache because of that woman’s eyes?

At this moment, Chi Yang felt a deep sense of shame.

He clearly loved his cute little fiance, yet after tonight’s spontaneous encounter, he felt distressed for a woman who was irrelevant to him.

Could it be that this woman was related to him by blood?

He heard that in addition to his father, his grandfather had another child, who was also his second uncle. It was just a pity that his second uncle died young. Could it be that in those years when his second uncle left home, he gave birth to a daughter outside, and the relationship between that woman and himself was actually that of cousins?

Forgive Chi Yang’s brain being mind-blown at this moment, because he really could not understand why his heart stung so much after meeting the woman’s gaze. The incident had occurred an hour or two ago, yet, every time he recalled the look in that woman’s eyes, his heart would still ache. He could not help but wonder why she would have such a cold gaze. What had she experienced in the past? She was so powerful at such a young age, so she must have grown up without a childhood, right?

After confirming that this woman was not his own fiance, Chi Yang could only attribute it to the fact that this woman and him were of the same blood.

Otherwise, he would not have felt any heartache.

He decided to investigate this woman after he returned.