My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 432

Chapter 432: Yang Yis Recording

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After the ship entered the territorial waters of Camino, the phone signal returned. The watch on Chi Yang’s wrist suddenly showed that some content had been delivered.

When he opened it, he saw that it was the video that Yang Yi had sent to him.

His recording function had been kept on the entire time, so not only did Chi Yang see that Yang Yi had discovered the box full of cargo ready to be transported onto the ship was actually the ammunition that they were trying to intercept, he also watched the scene of Yang Yi being caught.

Chi Yang’s brows were deeply furrowed, and as he watched Yang Yi being knocked unconscious, tied to a chair, then awakened by Viper’s subordinates and humiliated, he clenched his fists and fixed his stare onto the screen.

He knew that if Yang Yi was caught, he was most likely dead.

He had a batch of excellent young men, and they were all orphans who had no parents since childhood. He had nurtured them since they were young, and now that these children were about to take off and become outstanding talents, he really did not want to see any of them die in front of him.

Although it was impossible to suffer no losses when working for the country, much less while doing such dangerous things, when he really came face to face with it, he still felt extremely sad.

Their skills were better than those of ordinary special forces.

Yang Yi was almost able to enter his favorite special forces team and become a member of the special forces team immediately, but because he noticed something wrong with the truck, he followed it to the dock.

Recalling that Sanji had told him that the batch of firearms had been intercepted by Camino’s military, Chi Yang’s body trembled.

These arms were discovered by Yang Yi. Did he contact Leng Qirui when he was unable to find him, and then have Leng Qirui contact the commander-in-chief?

Otherwise, how could the military have intercepted that batch of firearms?

If this was the case, even if he had sacrificed himself, he must help Yang Yi apply for the title of martyr, and not have the children he brought up just sacrifice themselves for nothing.

Watching Yang Yi being humiliated before he died, Chi Yang felt extremely resentful. Reluctantly, these mafia had guns, and there were two people around Viper who looked like mercenaries at the level of 3A or higher. With Yang Yi’s skill, he could, at most, fight 2A level mercenaries; 3As was beyond him.

After that, Viper threw Yang Yi’s watch onto the ground, and from the angle of the watch camera, he could only see Yang Yi struggling.

When he saw a mafia holding a sharp knife, planning to cut off his head, Chi Yang’s eyes turned red.

Despite the sharp knife already swinging towards his neck, Chi Yang’s gaze remained fixed on the assassin, whose back was facing the camera.

Even if he could not see his looks, he would remember his figure. When he destroys the Wute Organization in Yamato, he would definitely take this person to Yang Yi’s grave, and cut off his flesh piece by piece as tribute to Yang Yi.

Chi Yang’s eyes widened as he clearly discerned every detail and fibre of the opponent’s body. At the moment that the man’s hand started to exert force, a thumping noise also rang out from his heart.

However, at the next moment, a poker card flew towards the camera from opposite the killer at an extremely high speed. If one did not look closely, he or she would not be able to see what it was.

As soon as it flew past the camera, the head of the assassin flew right off, bouncing around on the ground before finally stopping in front of the camera.

The head fully blocked the camera’s vision after it fell to the ground, and Chi Yang could only see a head with a cruel and peculiar smile still on its face, looking at him with a pair of somewhat protruding round eyes.