My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 433

Chapter 433: Analysis

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Despite the eerie scene, the blood in Chi Yang’s body boiled instantly.

Although he had not yet seen the person who killed the executioner, the woman on the plane with a pair of Raksha-like eyes suddenly sprung to mind again.

Even though the scene was blocked by the human head, Chi Yang heard Viper calling him the Queen of Spades very clearly.

The Queen of Spades, the one who blew up Viper’s arsenal.

The person whom he did not know and had never dealt with, yet mysteriously forced Viper to kneel to him.

After Viper’s arsenal worth tens of billions was bombed that day, the military immediately gathered the guests in the club for investigation and questioning.

The Queen of Spades committed the crime in public that night, so many people saw his face.

Although Chi Yang’s video was blocked by the head such that he could not see the Queen of Spades’ face, he knew that he was a man with short silver hair, wore a mask of the Queen of Spades, was around 170cm in height, and held a pink helmet.

Not long after the man entered the club, the gunfight began.

For no apparent reason, Chi Yang started to feel anxious.

He knew that the other party was a killer, yet he just could not help but worry for him.

Suddenly, only a blizzard of flying sand and rocks could be seen in the video. After the video became clearer, Chi Yang found that the head of the person in front of him had also been kicked away.

However, he still could not see the Queen of Spades. From this angle, he could not even see the Queen of Spades’ legs.

However, Yang Yi was rescued in this shootout.

Looking at the cut rope on the ground, the sharp edges and corners on Chi Yang’s face became much softer.

Although he did not know the Queen of Spades, he believed that the Queen of Spades was here to save Yang Yi. He also believed that Yang Yi was definitely safe and sound.

After that, a companion of the Queen of Spades appeared, and from his perspetive, he could see the companion’s legs.

Later, his companion fought the two international mercenaries, and the battle ended in less than 10 seconds.

He found out from their conversation that the two international mercenaries were really of level 3A, therefore the Queen of Spades’ companion was at least a 2S-level super high-level mercenary or killer.

However, these were not the main points, the main point was…

Why did he feel a little vexed when he heard that she was actually the Queen of Spades’ woman?

Why did this unhappy mood appear so suddenly?

Chi Yang glanced intently at the legs of the woman next to the Queen of Spades, and then recalled the legs of the other woman who was shooting from the helicopter.

His eyes subconsciously narrowed…

There were three people who opened fire and saved him from the helicopter at that time, but they were two women and one man.

Assuming that this woman was one of them, then the one who rescued Yang Yi was the other one.

Judging from the traces of the broken rope, the hemp ropes that were two fingers thick were cut off by a sharp barbed knife. Even 3S-level female mercenaries did not like to use knives like this. It was too masculine. The key was that this kind of knife generally had a larger and longer handle, which was not suitable for a woman’s palm.

Thus, if the person who rescued Yang Yi was a man…

Could it be that the Queen of Spades was a woman?

The woman who opened fire on the plane and saved him?

After all, the Queen of Spades was only 170cm tall.

It was not that he looked down on short men, but when it came to the short and slender, yet extremely skillful figure, the only person he could think of who matched this description was the woman on the plane.