My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 434

Chapter 434: Who Is It

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Initially, his suspicion toward that woman had been completely eliminated, but now, after the Queen of Spades appeared, the three irrelevant figures of the Queen of Spades, the woman who saved him from the helicopter, and his kitty-like fiance were inexplicably overlapping at this moment.

Back at the dock, the injured soldiers were taken to the hospital immediately. Chi Yang also returned to the commander-in-chief’s department at the military base as soon as possible.

Leng Jinpeng was relieved when he saw Chi Yang return.

“Chi Yang, how are you? Are you injured?”

Chi Yang shook his head and asked eagerly, “How did you discover that batch of firearms?”

“Come and look at this.”

After saying that, Leng Jinpeng brought Chi Yang to his desk, turned on the computer, and opened his mailbox.

When Chi Yang saw the reminder from Leng Jinpeng’s mailbox and the message asking him to send someone to look for the arms, a wave of adrenaline surged from deep within.

This person rescued Yang Yi, sent an email to Leng Jinpeng, let him intercept the smuggled firearms as soon as possible, and even went to Mustapha to rescue him…

It seemed that apart from his little girl, he could not think of anyone else around him who could be so concerned about his affairs.

He recalled the moment when he raised his eyes to look at the plane, and before he saw her unfamiliar face and cold gaze, he was almost 100% sure that the figure was her, and he remembered that moment of familiarity and astonishment that he had felt in his heart…

They were top 3S-level international mercenaries who were not only skilled, but were also extremely intelligent. All of them were likely leaders in various industries.

Assuming that Nuannuan was such a person, and assuming that she was also proficient in disguising her appearance, there would be his answer as to why the Queen of Spades and the sniper on the helicopter helped him for no good reason.

This was because the woman on the plane, who had almost the same figure as Nuannuan, and the Queen of Spades who helped him over and over again were all the same person. They were all his Nuannuan!!!

“Who do you think would do this? Who’s helping us secretly?” Leng Jinpeng had thought about this all night, but ended up completely clueless. Hence, he could only pin his hopes on Chi Yang.

This was because he really wanted to thank the person who helped him.


“I can’t guess who it is too.”

Not even the slightest discrepency could be seen on Chi Yang’s serious face.

Forget the fact that he was just guessing now, even if he was 100% sure that his Nuannuan was the Queen of Spades, he would not actually say it.

Nuannuan definitely had her own reasons for not wanting to talk about it.

She was abducted by human traffickers at the age of 3, and returned home at the age of 17, but possessed unfathomable skills. He need not think too hard to figure out what his Nuannuan had experienced in the past 14 years.

While he felt a deep, dull pain in his heart, Chi Yang decided that even if he had to sacrifice himself, he would protect his woman for the rest of her life.

This type of protection was not just limited to physical protection, but also included psychological protection and identity protection.

He believed wholeheartedly that even if his Nuannuan walked out of the dirtiest mires, she would still remain pure and unstained.

As for Leng Jinpeng, although he was an elder Chi Yang respected, and whom he also believed would not harm them, when given the options of not allowing anyone else to learn of this secret, Chi Yang decided that he could only trust himself

“By the way, did you see Sanji? Did he rescue you?”