My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 437

Chapter 437: Body Decomposing Acid

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The killer was so frightened that he lost his ability to think. He walked to the master bedroom and opened the door…

When he saw his three companions staring at the ceiling with horrified expressions with their eyes wide open, he almost screamed.

“Don’t scream, or I’ll kill you!”

The woman who was originally more than two meters away walked behind him without him realizing. Her grim voice tickled the nape of his neck.

The assassin was so scared that he felt an icy chill run down the entire length of his spine, and it felt so frozen that it was almost about to shatter.

He subconsciously wanted to scream, but before any sound came out, he stretched out his hands and clamped them over his mouth tightly.

He turned around in horror to see the woman standing behind him, almost making him cry.

The assassin suppressed the extreme fear in his heart, and with his body trembling, he carried out his dead companions who were standing stiffly in the bedroom.

After that, under Zhong Nuannuan’s signal, he placed them on the balcony.

The six corpses were all stacked onto the balcony like a human pyramid.

The assassin also seemed to have lost all the spirit in him, and he fell to the ground at the junction of the balcony and the living room.

Even if he when facing the same fate as his companions, he could no longer conjure even the slightest bit of opposition at this moment.

He was originally the weakest among the seven of them. The six of them altogether could not even outlast a single move in this woman’s hands, let alone him by himself.

Even though the woman’s back was facing him at this moment as she fiddled with the bodies of his companions, he still could not muster the courage to launch a sneak attack, and could only look at the woman wearing the bear jumpsuit in alarm, helplessness and horror.

Suddenly, the woman moved. She stood up and closed the balcony door.

Separated by a glass door, the assassin slumped against the edge of the living room could finally see the change occurring within the corpses on the balcony.

The corpses of his six companions were now corroding at an extremely fast speed.

Their skin, muscles, bones, and even clothes, shoes…

Everything except for the swords, guns and the sharp weapons hidden all over their bodies was rotting at a rapid pace.

The residue fell onto the ground and continued to rot until it turned into a puddle of white water; Even then, the water continued to evaporate.

At this moment, the eerie woman answered his internal questions with a calm expression, telling him

“This is body-decomposing acid.”

Her voice was so soft that he could not help but feel that the two of them might have been friends who had known each other for many years, and were merely chatting at night.

However, to the ears of the man in black, this soft voice felt like a beguiling snarl rising from hell that was specifically designed to capture the souls of others.

In less than two minutes, six big men over 180cm had disappeared into thin air, without leaving even a trace of white powder on the ground.

He had always thought that the body-decomposing acid in “The Deer and the Cauldron” was Mr Jin Yong’s imagination. Who knew that such a scary thing truly existed in this world?

“Who sent you to kill me?”

The killer opened his mouth and made an “ahhhh” sound, but he realized that he had been so scared that he had lost his ability to speak.

“I say, you nod, ok?”

The woman in front of him spoke very thoughtfully.

The assassin nodded quickly.

“Hmm You have guns, so you were definitely not hired by those inferiors like Zhong Qianqian and Wu Wenqian. Were you recruited by Ou Mingxi?”

At this moment, the assassin hated Ou Mingxi to death.