My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 438

Chapter 438: One Million

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She gave them 1 million dollars and said that they just had to kill a high school student. However, who knew that this high school student would turn out to be impersonated by a banshee?

Therefore, the killer nodded quickly and sold Ou Mingxi out without hesitation.

“How much did she give you?”

“Ah” The killer realized that he still could not speak, so he made a ‘1’ sign with his finger.

Zhong Nuannuan pouted. “100 million or 10 million? If it’s 100 million, then she had really spent a lot of money.”

The killer thought, ‘…Crap!’

The assassin, almost in tears, made a ‘1’ sign and two zeros. He could not let the banshee think that they were charging too much, or his death might be worse.


Zhong Nuannuan could not control her anger when she saw the amount signed by him.

“Only 100?”

The killer nodded quickly.

“Tsk tsk, she thinks that spending 1 million is enough to take Big Brother Chi Yang away from me”

Zhong Nuannuan looked out of the balcony with an obscure gaze as she cursed all 18 generations of Ou Mingxi’s ancestors.

When Ou Mingxi recruited someone to kill her in her previous life, it seemed that her first offer was already seven million. Why was everything different in this life? Even to the point that a girl’s offer to hire an assassin to kill her had been discounted by almost 80%?

Just as Zhong Nuannuan was using her clever mind to predict the trajectory of this butterfly effect, she suddenly noticed that on the road just over 2 kilometers away, a black Land Rover was driving towards the apartment at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

When she took a closer look at its license plate, Zhong Nuannuan instantly jumped in fright.

Seeing Zhong Nuannuan suddenly jump, the killer’s tears instantly flowed down.

His time was up, he would now say goodbye to this world…

“If I don’t kill you and make you leave quickly, will you still be able to walk?”

She originally intended to kill this person too. Who told them to come and attack her when she did not even provoke them? To be a killer, one must face the reality of potentially being killed!

However, at this moment, Zhong Nuannuan was already scared out of her wits, and she could no longer handle so much stress.

The killer stared at Zhong Nuannuan blankly and opened his mouth, but was still unable to speak.

I can still live?

“Yes, you can still live!” Zhong Nuannuan understood his inquiring eyes, nodded and replied, “As long as you can pack up the knives, guns, phones and everything else they left behind within two minutes, walk out the door, get down the elevator, hide behind this building, and wait for 10 minutes before you come out, I won’t kill you. Otherwise, I’ll cut off your flesh piece by piece and use it to make stew!”

Before she finished speaking, Zhong Nuannuan saw the killer crawling out of the balcony door at an unimaginable pace, quickly packing up the things, taking all the items that did not decompose on the ground with him, opening the door and running away.

Fortunately, there were two elevators and three households here; the floor where Zhong Nuannuan lived was in the middle, and there was an elevator that was stopped on this middle floor. The killer quickly ran into the elevator and headed downstairs in a rush.

He was so nervous that he did not even notice a knife in his arms had pierced his thigh.

After going down, the killer hurriedly followed the banshee’s instructions and hid behind the building, then took out a stopwatch and started timing strictly.

When the timer hit the 10-minute mark, the assassin immediately rushed out without a second to waste, then put the items in the car and drove away.

He did not understand why the woman wanted him to hide behind the building for 10 minutes, but he felt that this should be his exit from Groundhog Day. If he did not hide for these 10 minutes, he might be trapped in the enchantment arranged by this banshee forever.