My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 439

Chapter 439: Blood

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Although he ran into two fences and hit a telephone pole as he rushed out, he was lucky. At that time in 1212, they had not yet reached the point where millions of cameras had been installed throughout the city.

What he did not know was that Chi Yang arrived half a minute after he went into hiding. He walked to the elevator door, pressed the elevator button, then waited for the elevator door to open.

However, as soon as he entered, Chi Yang discovered blood in the corner of the elevator.

On one hand, he knew that if Nuannuan was the Queen of Spades, she would not get hurt so easily.

Yet, when he saw the blood, Chi Yang’s heart still could not help but skip a beat.

Yang Yi was not there, and he was not around either Would Ou Mingxi’s people attack her?

If she was not the Queen of Spades, then this blood…


As soon as the elevator door opened, Chi Yang immediately rushed out.

However, he had only taken two steps when he stopped again.

He turned around, and a drop of red blood was seen stained on the elevator door to the seventh floor.

Clearly, the blood in the elevator originated from their floor.

A wave of fear surged through his heart, and all the blood in his body seemed to rush to his brain at the same time. With a “boom” sound, Chi Yang was so scared that he had tinnitus, and his head, which had previously already been treated by Zhong Nuannuan, suddenly felt like it was about to burst in pain, causing Chi Yang to stagger.

After steadying himself, he hurriedly opened the door.

Chi Yang’s movements were heavy and the sound caused by his actions was very loud, so loud in fact that by the time Chi Yang had pried the door open and walked in the direction of the bedroom, Zhong Nuannuan had already rushed out.

Chi Yang only felt a wave of dizziness, and saw a gray-white bear rushing towards him.

He was just about to push it away when he smelled the little bear’s refreshing fragrance. At that moment, his heart, which was raging to destroy the world, instantly quietened down.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, I missed you so much!”

They had only parted in the morning; although it was already 2.30 in the morning, they had only parted for a day.

However, both Zhong Nuannuan and Chi Yang felt as if they had been separated for a long time.

That type of yearning and bond to the other party could not be easily measured in the form of 20 hours from daytime to early morning.

Zhong Nuannuan jumped directly onto Chi Yang and wrapped her legs tightly around his, nestling her face on his soil and dust covered neck.

“I missed you too Nuannuan.”

When Chi Yang said this, he seemed to have exhausted all the emotions assigned to him in this life.

He never knew what the longing in the saying “a day apart is like three autumns” felt like until this moment!

Even though Chi Yang rarely showed his emotions during ordinary days, right now, his face was full of joy and cheer after reuniting with his fiance, and the deep emotions etched in his eyes were completely overflowing. He held Zhong Nuannuan’s body as if he was hugging the most precious piece of treasure in the world.

“(3) Pop!”

Zhong Nuannuan sensed Chi Yang’s enthusiasm, pouted her lips, and planted a kiss on his handsome face. The kiss was too hard, and even made a loud “pop” sound.

Chi Yang’s eyes instantly widened to beam with happiness.

He pulled back his neck, distanced himself from the girl, and looked at this girl whom he had missed so much, even if she was only away for a day. He suspected she might be the Queen of Spades; Perhaps she was the sniper who had worked tirelessly to fly to Mustapha to rescue him after discovering that he was in trouble. When he thought of this, he felt deeply touched, grateful and blessed.