My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 440

Chapter 440: Self Control

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He had no way to thank her.

Chi Yang looked at the girl for a long while, his eyes filled with adoration, and only said one word, “Dirty.”

However, just as his voice fell, the girl pouted her small cherry-like lips again and planted another kiss on his face.

After that, she even said provocatively, “I won’t dislike it!”

Seeing the girl pouting her red lips until you could almost hang a bottle of oil on them, Chi Yang could not help but open his mouth to gently bite the girl’s pouting lips.

An electric current instantly ran through Zhong Nuannuan’s body. The clear breath that surrounded his body lingered between her lips and started to puncture her nostrils, exciting her to the point of dizziness.

Looking at Big Brother Chi Yang, who was in camouflage gear and had dust all over his body, Zhong Nuannuan felt that her Big Brother Chi Yang’s outfit was just too manly, and he so handsome that he could even make the skies cry!

When he saw his fiance looking at him with sparkles in her eyes, Chi Yang could not help but laugh softly.

His melodious voice filled the living room, instantly causing Zhong Nuannuan to feel that every corner of the living room seemed to be blooming, turning the room into a fairytale world.


At that moment, Zhong Nuannuan, who was so excited by his handsomeness that she could not help but let out a wolf howl, really wanted to disregard her image, pounce onto the man in front of her, and eat him up!

Chi Yang did not know that his good looks had already caused his fiance to swear in her heart. Taken aback, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Zhong Nuannuan puckered her lips, and her entire head drooped aggrievedly on his slender neck. After a long time, she said in a bored tone, “Nothing. I just think that you’re really handsome! So handsome that I feel like getting pregnant!”

Chi Yang was a serious and old-fashioned person, and it was rare for him to hear such web slang. When he heard his fiance announce that she wanted to become pregnant just because of his handsomeness, he became very amused, causing him to laugh out loud.

Chi Yang was a person with strong self-control, and because the nature of his work was extremely serious, he usually restrained himself a lot. Thus, it was rare for him to let out such a clear and hearty laugh. Once he let it out, the shock in Zhong Nuannuan’s heart felt as devastating as a tsunami meeting an earthquake!

At this moment, Zhong Nuannuan was holding herself back with difficulty, and she felt that the witch in her body was being resuscitated. She was afraid that once she lost control of the witch, her ten fingernails would become, and then like the witch in a fairy tale who coveted a certain prince, she would eat up the man in front of her without leaving any traces behind.


She was gnashing her teeth in anticipation!

However, the chest in front of her was still trembling sexily, and his hard Adam’s apple was even making such melodious trembling sounds.


Screw it!

Zhong Nuannuan’s heart turned completely wolfish, and she crazily kissed the handsome face that was causing her to become pregnant.

In a good mood, Chi Yang gladly accepted his fiance’s teasing, and gently matched her every move.

Three seconds later, the wolfish blood in his body started to boil, and reversing his role, he pressed his fiance onto the sofa, and used his hot and enthusiastic kisses to express his love and longing for her.

The two of them did not even close the door or turn on the lights as they embraced each other with unbridled passion. They both wanted to hug each other tightly, rub the other member into their own body, and have their blood and bones become one.