My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 441

Chapter 441: Take A Shower

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Zhong Nuannuan felt that her whole body was being wrapped in that clear breath that she loved so much, and she soon softened into a puddle of water.

She had completely surrendered to Chi Yang’s passionate kisses. She let out one coquettish moan after another, exciting Chi Yang so much that he almost could not control himself from giving her a lesson on the spot.

Not long after they kissed, Chi Yang took the initiative to end it.

This was because he felt that although he had extreme self-restraint, when facing his little girl, he was exactly like a stunned youngster who was falling in love for the first time. He could not control himself at all.

Chi Yang panted heavily, and his black pupils had completely turned maroon in the dark night. Under his enchanting gaze, it seemed that even the surrounding air had been frozen solid by him, forming an invisible whirlpool of charm.

Zhong Nuannuan had melted into a pool of water at this moment, and she could no longer feel her own existence; even if Chi Yang had stopped kissing her, she did not have the strength to open her eyes.

Chi Yang suppressed the lust in his heart, stood up and walked to the entrance to close the door. Then, he changed his shoes and turned on a warm side lamp.

The living room had some light now, but the light was very soft and gentle, which was not enough to stimulate Zhong Nuannuan’s eyes.

Feeling the sofa sinking down again, and her Big Brother Chi Yang sitting down next to her, she once again decided not to open her eyes.

Chi Yang sat beside Zhong Nuannuan, and stared at her quietly.

She had snow-white skin, shaggy hair, a delicate nose, and lip corners like cherry blossom petals; with her long eyelashes trembling slightly, she looked adorable.

At that moment, she was wearing a furry koala jumpsuit, and there were even two big round ears on the hood she had pushed to the side.

Her mouth and cheeks were dusty from kissing his face and neck. Besides that, she was sweating a little from the passionate moment earlier, and now she was just a little tabby cat who neither wanted to get up from the sofa nor open her eyes.

Was she really the Queen of Spades who displayed a regal air with every gesture? Was she really the sniper whose arrogance was so clear in her cold gaze?

Chi Yang could not help but stretch out his hand and gently scratch her petite nose. “Little lazy cat, get up and take a shower.”

Zhong Nuannuan, who had been excited all night, instantly calmed down because of Chi Yang’s return. Her sleepiness had caught up with her, and she did not even want to move at all. How could she just go to take a shower?

Hence, she hummed and mumbled shamelessly, “I’ve already had a shower.”

“My body is dirty though. Look, your face is dirty now, you even sweated so much.” After saying that, Chi Yang stretched out his fingers in an attempt to wipe the dirtiest part of Zhong Nuannuan’s cheek.

Unexpectedly, his hands were also dirty. At the time, he only thought of rushing back home, so he did not even have the time to wash his hands. Therefore, with this slight gesture, Zhong Nuannuan’s face had gotten even dirtier, and there was now a black streak running across the corner of her mouth to the center of her face.

Looking at the assorted black and gray streaks on his fiance’s face, Chi Yang could not help but laugh softly again.

Zhong Nuannuan, who had been unwilling to open her eyes, finally opened them lazily when she heard her Big Brother Chi Yang laugh.

She liked to watch him laugh.

However, after he finished laughing, her eye candy was gone too, so she closed her eyes again.

Chi Yang could not force her to reopen them, and he gently squeezed her collagen-filled face. After fulfilling his urge to pinch her, he said, “Then you sleep here, I’ll take a shower first and help you wipe this off later.”