My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 443

Chapter 443: Im Fine

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It was already 3 o’clock in the morning anyway.

The last time he had a brain hemorrhage, he endured the pain for over a day before he fainted.

Therefore, when the pain came back, in order to prevent Zhong Nuannuan from noticing, Chi Yang gritted his teeth tightly and walked to the bathroom with a stern expression.

After washing the towel, he filled another basin of water.

This time, Chi Yang slowed down his movements.

After putting the water on the ground, he slowly raised his head and supported himself against the sofa. After that, he sat up and wiped Nuannuan’s face and hands again.

He originally thought that he would feel better after sitting on the sofa, but this time, the headache did not get better no matter how much he tried to endure it.

Chi Yang’s attempt at wiping her suddenly halted. At first, Zhong Nuannuan thought that her Big Brother Chi Yang was fascinated by her beauty and was just focused on watching her while forgetting to move. She even felt secretly pleased about it, so she once again displayed her lazy and charming posture.

She was looking forward to Big Brother Chi Yang being unable to hold back while wiping her, and then eat her up.

When this happened, she could also justify eating him up.

However, this evil thought did not last long, and she soon felt that something was wrong.

This was because she felt the towel being used to rub her face suddenly being twisted by a strong force.

Do not ask her how she knew that the towel was being strongly twisted despite her eyes being closed. After all, she was a 3S-level peak mercenary.

Therefore, when she felt that something was wrong, Zhong Nuannuan opened her eyes suddenly.

When they opened this time, the languor from when she was lazing around earlier was all but completely gone.

Her pair of bright eyes were full of clarity.

At this moment, Chi Yang was already sweating profusely with pain, and his face that was twisted in pain had already become swollen and red from the cerebral hemorrhage. His forehead, temples and even neck were full of bulging veins, scaring Zhong Nuannuan to the point that she sat up in an instant and quickly used her X-ray vision to check Chi Yang’s brain.

She was fine before she looked at it, but when she looked at it, she screamed in fright.

Hearing Zhong Nuannuan’s scream, Chi Yang opened his eyes with some effort. When he saw Zhong Nuannuan’s horrified gaze, Chi Yang reached out, grabbed her hand and comforted her. “Nuannuan, I’m okay, I only have a headache, I’ll be fine after taking a rest.”

Seeing a flash of panic in his eyes, Zhong Nuannuan remembered the words that Chi Yang previously said to her the day he picked her up from prison

“Nuannuan, there’s nothing wrong with my body, please don’t despise me for this, okay?”

This was how he had told her at the time. He was afraid that she would dislike him because he had been shot in the brain, and fearing that he would not live long, she would dislike him and not be nice to him.

At this moment, she looked at the unconcealed panic in Chi Yang’s eyes; even if his pain had started to manifest, the first thing he did was to hide how much pain he was in, and instead tell his fiance that he was fine.

She did not understand why her Big Brother Chi Yang, who was so outstanding, chose to fell in love with her from amongst the vast crowd.

She did not like him in the past, so she never felt sorry for him.

However, now that she liked him, and had fallen in love with him, Zhong Nuannuan felt her heart ache seeing him like this, as if it was being pricked by a needle. Soon, her tears fell uncontrollably.

Seeing that the little girl had been frightened to tears, Chi Yang could only insist on not letting himself faint, and kept saying subconsciously, “Don’t be afraid, Nuannuan, it’s okay, I’m really okay. I just need to take a break and I’ll be fine!”

“Yeah, it’s okay! Big Brother Chi Yang, have you forgotten that I have great medical skills?”