My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 444

Chapter 444: Cerebral Hemorrhage

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“Wait for me, I’ll give you some acupuncture and you’ll be fine.”


Looking at the blood continuously flowing out of Chi Yang’s brain and his increasingly pained expression, his condition at that moment seemed as though it had reached a critical point.

Cerebral hemorrhage was an illness with a very high fatality rate. It was usually caused by the outbreak of hypertension, which leads to the rupture of blood vessels in the brain and induces cerebral bleeding, causing large amounts of blood to squeeze the brain tissue. When this happens, brain tissue edema and necrosis to gradually appear. For this kind of acute and severe illness, time was of the essence.

Those who could stop their bleeding in time had a higher chance of going through a successful recovery. However, if too much time passes, and the blood compresses the nerves of the brain for too long, forming a cerebral embolus compressing the neurons, then even if that person’s life could be saved, in the end, hemiplegia, paraplegia, cerebral palsy and other functional disorders would appear, which would often lead to amputations and so on.

Through the X-ray vision, Zhong Nuannuan could see that Chi Yang’s head had not bled for long, and the bleeding was from an artery that she could see very clearly.

Although the blood vessel was not thick, it was still an artery that was bleeding, so he was losing as much blood as he would if there had been a sudden rupture of a brain tumor.

This was why Chi Yang was in so much pain.

If he was an average person, he would have already fallen into a deep coma at this moment.

Chi Yang’s situation had reached a critical point, and Zhong Nuannuan could no longer conceal herself.

In one hand, she carried Chi Yang, a big man close to 190 in height, in her arms, and then quickly placed him on the bed.

After all, the bed in their bedroom was larger, and it was convenient for her to administer treatment.

Chi Yang’s head was about to explode in pain, and he could not react much to Zhong Nuannuan lifting him up.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, come and lie down. Don’t lie flat on your back, lie on your side like this, and put your hands here. Yes, you’re doing very well.”

Zhong Nuannuan told Chi Yang what to do while praising him.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, the inside of your head is bleeding right now, but you don’t need to be afraid, I’m here. I’ll help you stop the bleeding, and then help you to release the pressure that has accumulated in your brain.”

At this moment, the veins on Chi Yang’s forehead were about to burst, which was obviously caused by his increasing blood pressure.

Even so, he still maintained an amazing sobriety, gritted his teeth and held on. “Okay, I’m not afraid. As long as you’re here, I’m not afraid.”

“Okay.” Zhong Nuannuan sniffed again, then reached out to wipe away the tears in her eyes.

After that, she removed a soft and thin silver needle from the inconspicuous thick bracelet on her wrist, then quickly and accurately pierced it through his scalp and skull, directly pinning the bleeding cerebral artery.

Almost immediately after the first needle went in, the large amounts of blood that were gushing out from that blood vessel stopped flowing. When the second and third needles went in, the ruptured blood vessel was completely sealed, such that no more blood leaked out.

However, blood was flowing, and although the ruptured area of the blood vessel had been tied into a dead knot, the blood flow would slowly accumulate and form a thrombus. This thrombus would slowly expand and eventually compress the nerves in the brain once more. Once it expanded to a certain point, this blood vessel would rupture, causing a serious cerebral hemorrhage.

This was not a hospital, and there was no way to perform a craniotomy. After draining the blood like a doctor, while transfusing the blood, she performed a bridging suture between the broken blood vessel and a normal blood vessel.