My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 445

Chapter 445: Bloodletting

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Besides that, Zhong Nuannuan could not bear to let Chi Yang endure the pain of a craniotomy again.

Most importantly, this was not Emperor District, and they did not have access to the best hospital in the country. Without the best doctors in the country, she was worried about handing Chi Yang to those crappy doctors in Jiang District to have them practice their skills on him.

If a trembling hand touched his main artery, it would be really hard for even the gods to save him.

It was not that she looked down on these people, it was just that many patients with sudden cerebral hemorrhages could still talk when they went under the operating table, but had closed their eyes or were on a ventilator when they came out. Most of the time, the reason why this happened was because the doctors were inexperienced and had poor motor control, leading to them damaging the patient’s arteries and causing irreparable damage. This time, they could only perform a hasty ligation, put the skull back in, get a drainage machine, put on a ventilator, and tell you that the patient had entered a brain-dead state. They would then ask if you if you would like to continue supporting him like this, or if you wanted to give up and declare the person dead.

The family members could not understand why the patient did not seem to have any major issues before entering the operating room, but after a trip inside, there was only a road to death.

In reality, when a patient who had undergone a failed operation came out of the operating room, his brain was already full of blood. The blood had compressed the neurons, which caused them to become brain dead, such that they were simply unable to recover.

She absolutely could not risk such a result!

She could not let the slightest thing happen to her Big Brother Chi Yang!

“Big Brother Chi Yang, can you hear me?” Zhong Nuannuan asked softly.

“Yeah.” Chi Yang answered.

He knew that his situation might not be right at the moment, because he could barely withstand the pain and almost fainted despite his immense willpower.

Therefore, in times like this, Chi Yang’s advantage as a top-level special forces agent was brought into play.

His mental strength was immeasurable.

He should have fainted a long time ago due to the severe pressure, and even though he was suffering greatly from the pain at this moment, he still maintained a sober mind.

Right now, the patient’s sobriety was very important for his chances of survival.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, I want to let out the blood in your head, don’t be afraid.”

“Okay, I’m not afraid.” Chi Yang’s answer was loud, clear, and convincing.

“Also, do you want to move your arms? This is because you may not be able to move at all for a quarter of an hour later.”

“No. Nuannuan, do it, I won’t move.”

Chi Yang’s guarantee trumped everything, and Zhong Nuannuan firmly believed in him.

“Okay, I’ll start then.”


After Chi Yang answered, Zhong Nuannuan pierced the spot where the blood was accumulating.

She perfectly avoided all his blood vessels, including the capillaries, as the needle tip went straight into the area where the blood had accumulated.

After that, Zhong Nuannuan took out a small tube from her bracelet that was not much thicker than a strand of hair, as well as a small bottle out of her bag.

After connecting one end of the tube to the silver needle, the other end was inserted into the vacuum bottle. In an instant, a stream of blood gushed out of the tiny tube.

This was like drawing blood. However, typically, the trouble with the brain was that the doctor needed to open up the skull to perform a venesection on the brain. However, a craniotomy would cause very serious damage to the patient. In addition, the arteries of the brain were much finer than the arteries on the body, so it was not easy to do such an operation.

On the other hand, although her silver needles looked very thin, the reason why she had spent so long specially crafting them overseas and then shipping them over was because each of her silver needles was actually hollow.